Skin to skin contact between the newborn and mother is more than a ritual.

Skin to skin contact is something that many moms desire to have with their baby after birth. We know it is healthy. We know we want to warm the baby with our body. We want to bring the milk in soon. At almost every birth I attend, moms and babies do enjoy some immediate skin to skin contact....more

The Power of Positive Thinking Ate My Science Homework

Doesn't it hurt when you are terribly sick with a cold and someone suggests you think yourself into wellness? It hurts me and that is just a cold. It hurts even more when someone suggests the thoughts I had during pregnancy have made my child anxious. I live with an anxious child and he is a complete delight. I'm not sure if I took away all the more troublesome aspects of Henry that he'd be the same person. Should I wish for a different better child? Is he less valuable to our society because his brain works differently? It's not exactly busted....more