Show & Tell: NieNie Asks -- What Is Your Favorite No-No Breakfast?

NieNie here, with another Monday question for you: What is your favorite no-no breakfast? My sister-in-law Lisa made me these delish sweet rolls. Wow. What's yours? Share with pictures or in comments! ...more

Cinnamon rolls are by far my favorite no-no breakfast. And cookies. Possibly leftover apple ... more

Own Your Beauty, Month 1: Discover Authenticity With Brené Brown

Almost exactly two years ago, I woke up early and lay groggily on my back, trying to will myself to get out of bed and start getting dressed for my executive position as the assistant general counsel of a relatively large software company. As I lay there, staring at the ceiling, feeling somehow pinned to my bed by my bedclothes, I said out loud, almost without thinking: "Enough." ...more

This is such an inspirational piece!

A year ago I left a job that I felt trapped in and was ... more

Weekend Menu Planning: Pumpkin Recipes for Soup, Chili, Stew, and Drinks

People love pumpkins; that became obvious a few days ago when the calendar flipped to October and pumpkin recipes galore started popping up in my feed reader. I wasn't surprised, because I've been writing on since 2006, and I think my post about Cooking with Pumpkin: Unique Pumpkin Recipes is still my most-read post on the site. (If you like cooking with pumpkin, go bookmark that and then come back to see even more delicious pumpkin recipe ideas.) ...more

I'm devoting all of my recipes in October to pumpkin. I just made pumpkin chili last night, it ... more