Puzzling Perceptions

 At two years old, my babies have perception confusion.  This makes sense.  When we Skype with my mother or with their uncle, for instance, they want to give them things, hug them, kiss them and touch them.  They see the image of a real person on the screen, therefore, that person is here.  This, logically, extends to regular phone conversations.  When I'm talking to my mom on the phone, and they can hear her but not see her, they run to the door and demand that she come in.  They can hear her, so obviously she must be here....more

...and the fact that you are open enough to learn such lessons from your children bodes well for ... more

Tampon Rodeo

I had gone camping with a friend, my mother, and her friend. She happened to bring along her 2 sons– a 4 year old and an infant – whoa, whoa, whoa. My friend and I tried to stay away from that mood killer as much as possible. It’s not that I didn’t like all children when I was in high school, but this toddler was exceptionally annoying and out-of-control. There wasn’t any room for us in the trailer anyway, so we stayed out in the tent and only really went inside for food and toilet breaks.So there is always one thing you really don’t want to have when you go camping... your period....more

Honestly, you're not supposed to have to endure that kind of humiliation due to terrors unless ... more

New post: "It wasn’t as if I was a D student that suddenly pulled a diamond out of my ass." http://bit.ly/bbufut

New post: "It wasn’t as if I was a D student that suddenly pulled a diamond out of my ass." http://bit.ly/bbufut ...more

Great post! Would you be into blogging with me on Dec 6 about violence against women? info: ... more

What ifs

I am new to BlogHer and relatively new to blogging so if I've erred in adding this post from my blog here, I apologize in advance for my unintentional mistake. I am just trying to find my way, and if I did err, I figure that someone can (I trust gently) point me in the right direction @seekingmyquerencia@gmail.com. Blessings.  Now, let's get back to that post....more

And you're bang on about the Frost thing...that poem is so often misinterpreted (if a poem can ... more

Dec 6 Blog topic to raise awareness about violence against women

On December 6 we will be collectively blogging to raise awareness about violence against women...what will you have to say? Join the thread & make this One Wee Voice heard!!! Let me know if you're interested in taking part.   Life - Inspired by the Wee Man

My Son is Gay

If you think that me allowing my son to be a female character for Halloween is somehow going to ‘make’ him gay, then you are an idiot. Firstly, what a ridiculous concept. Secondly, if my son is gay, OK. I will love him no less. Thirdly, I am not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja so back off. If my daughter had dressed as Batman, no one would have thought twice about it. No one....more

AB&C are pathetic! Really?! We need to get critical about a child's Halloween costume?

My ... more

(VIDEO) Psychology Today on The Beauty Myth. Again, Seriously?

According to Amy Alkon, either my husband is not biologically/genetically man or he is blind. That’s because I managed to “catch” (or “snag” or “land” -- she uses all of these hunting metaphors in her article ”The Truth About Beauty" in Psychology Today on why you better be attractive if you don’t want to die alone and poor with 17 cats who eat your face off before anyone even notices that you are missing because who would care about you anyway if you aren’t physically attractive according to a narrow set of standards) him while I was 35 pounds overweight and did not wear make-up. ...more

Funny to have read this...I just subscribed to an rss feed at Pysch Today b/c I found a good ... more

Don't Forget the Beauty of Picture Books

I am a self-professed book worm. I always have a book with me where ever I am. Do you know where my love of books began? Among to pages of pictures books way back when. And it disheartens me to see that parents are forcing their kids to abandon the glorious illustrations and stories for "big kid" chapter books. ...more

Thank you for writing this post...I could not agree more.

I'm a high school English teacher, ... more

My Life in Lipstick

In the mirror above the dresser, I saw myself opening her drawers and touching her clothing, like a thief or a tabloid reporter. On her dresser, there were perfume bottles, doilies, photographs, piles of paper, ephemera, and a small, round mirror on top of which were arranged a few long, golden tubes filled with waxy lipstick. ...more

What a touching piece.

These little things passed from mother to daughter are certainly ... more

Legislation Would Eliminate Funding for Abstinence-Only Programs

Good news for those of us who want to equip students with knowledge that prepares them for life: According to Ms Magazine, legislation introduced by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) will eliminate federal funding for abstinence-only programs if enacted. ...more

I have had the good fortune of teaching sex ed to teenagers, and from my experience I've seen a ... more