Starfish Swim School and the Five Points of Panic

The boys are learning to swim. They’ve been water babies since their first dunking in the NICU tub the size of a legal pad of paper. Destroy has recently taken to attempting the breaststroke in the bathtub (when not soaking everything and everyone in his hurricane path). Legend has it, Search turned down popsicles in Summer School in favor of water play.So naturally, being mother of the year, Safety First!Our budding little Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte got signed up for swim lessons....more

Flashback Friday: Lifestyles of the Small and Premature

For those of you familiar with the MTV show “Cribs,” please enjoy this installment of “Cribs: NICU” (ha ha). (Read the following an English accent in the stylings of Robin Leach.)While most babies are quickly bundled into their mother’s arms and shuttled out of the hospital mere days after birth, the small and premature enjoy luxury private accommodations where teams of qualified medical staff cater to their every whim.Think that’s impressive?...more
Loved your post. Thank you for sharing!    :)   ~Virginiamore

How to Tell You’re Raising Boys (of the toddler variety)

 Disclaimer: I make no claims that the below apply solely to BoyParents. I’m sure these traits fit GirlParents too. However, I only have boys – so that’s how it’s getting labeled.You don’t notice the ranch dressing dripping down your arm as you eat a salad, including a pre-tasted cucumber, with a used fork....more

The Little iPhone That Could

 A little smartphone had a large database of apps to run.She was a happy little phone. For she had calendars and contacts to remember. Sports stats and games. There was iBooks, Flipboard, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to socialize with. Instagram and Snapseed edited photos while Mail and Messages shared them with friends.She went along very well till she came to an OS upgrade. But then, no matter how hard she tried, she could not operate all those apps....more
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Voices of the Year

This is a Yay Me post. If that bothers you, come back tomorrow to see if I’ve done something like flash the church parking lot or dropped my child on his head....more
Yay!! A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to the both of us!!    :)   ~Virginiamore

Under Lock and Key (or How I Learned the Muppets Were Big Enough to Deadbolt the Front Door)

Plans were for an easy night. Got home per usual, unloaded the muppets, opened the door and embarked upon the multiple treks needed to shlep all our stuff back inside.I heard the giggle. The door closed.I heard the bolt click. The world went slo-mo. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.Fuck....more

A Toddler Sports Primer

The real explanation behind professional athletes is not necessarily innate or inherent talent. It is the ability not to kill themselves as toddlers.Baseball: Get hit in the head with a ball. Chase after it. Get distracted by the tee. Canvass the backyard clutching the bat and tee stand.Hockey: Slip and slide in socks across the kitchen floor stick tapping the tile until your brother takes you out with *his* stick. Giggle when Mom puts you both in the penalty box....more
Great List! My littlest is still a rock climber!more

Depression is a Lying Bastard

 The Bloggess said it best. Depression is a lying bastard.I’ve found myself struggling with another “episode” lately. It started a couple weeks ago – sneaking up on me when I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t think you’d really notice by looking at me. I’m still fully functional.But those close to me did start thinking I was acting a little off. I was being weird(er)....more

I Am Normal

Two years ago today. I am normal! I’ve been released to general population!Yeah. We saw how well that went. Two loops later around the sun on this roller coaster and I’ve realized I am normal.Normal is a state of mind.Normal is needles – injections, blood tests, CBCs, glucose levels, HCG, infections....more

A Rough and Tumble Day

 The morning brought about a neighborhood walk. We wrestled with the dogs before nap and then filled their little tummies with lunch. An excursion to the park was to follow in the afternoon. The end-goal: Exhaust the little ones.Spring is here. And it was a beautiful day. The muppets were showing signs of stir-craziness. So we ventured forth into the great outdoors. Caden and Logan have demonstrated a recent penchant for playing with sticks....more
Getting the little ones outside to explore is a great way to prepare them for a nice afternoon ...more