Would You Like To Go Back In Time?

In Jen Lancaster's new novel, Here I Go Again, Lissy Ryder is given a potion that can help her right all her wrongs. Being the person she is, Lissy doesn't approach it cautiously. No, she throws it back like it's an espresso shot. When she wakes up and realizes she's back in the past -- back in high school -- she's elated. That would not be my reaction. ...more
Well, I would actually really like to go back in time, maybe not to change stuff, but as an ... more

Rape Jokes and The Oatmeal: Perpetuating Rape Culture

Yesterday, Matthew Inman from The Oatmeal wrote a comic about the “delicate relationship” that he has with his keyboard. The comic in its entirety was about how he feels and behaves towards the various keys in his keyboard. This panel specifically was about trying to get a webpage to load when you have a slow connection, with the joke centering around Matt “raping” his F5 key in order to make the page load faster. Yes, it’s a rape joke. No, I’m not surprised....more
I too feel that trivializing the term 'rape' is something that we should be careful about, but ... more

I'm Sexy and I Know It

Data Scientist - The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century? The Harvard Business Review (HBR) set off a fire storm of analysis when it published its article on The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.  Of course people flocked to the article because of the word “sexy” in the title, and who wouldn’t? HBR wasn’t writing about the current nerdy sexy style of hip hop artist and professional athletes sporting nerdy spectacles, argyle sweaters, and other smart, nerdy wears - they just sport the style....more
Pretty cool, I've always been a data junkie myself during school :) more

Mike and Ike and M&M Candy Lightbulbs

These candy lightbulbs look almost too good to be true, but upon closer inspection, they don't just look great, they're awfully simple to put together! They're a really cute idea for decorating a holiday table. --Genie] ...more
Love it!!!! more

Giving New Life To Old Lipsticks

Some folks are just more resourceful than others. Thankfully, those people blog. This post offers a step-by-step guide on how to revamp those old lipsticks and save them from the trash bucket:...more
Awesome, I love this!! :) more

Duct Tape & Tin Foil: A Christmas Tradition

It sat there--the final gift under the Christmas tree.  A huge box wrapped in shiny green paper that came up to my hip and much to my excitement had my name on it.  As I reached down to pick it up I was stunned at the heaviness of it. Reading the tag I saw that it was a gift from my grandmother. I remember looking over to her and seeing her smirk. She looked pretty proud of herself. Getting excited I plopped right down on the floor and got ready to open it....more
A great story, shows us the importance of tradition in our lives. Definitely love your ... more

Ashley Judd Tongue Lashes Culture of Criticism; It Burns

Have you read the piece that Ashley Judd wrote for The Daily Beast about the recent media attack on her "puffy face", but moreover about how not okay it is that such attacks even take place?  Because you really should....more
Growing up, I always admired Ashley, for her vivaciousness and her work, and more recently for ... more

City Girl’s Guide: Surviving the Parents Tech Checkup!

Happy Holidays! I know everyone is gearing up to "deck the halls" or in my case, plow through my mom's annual "tech to-do" list. ...more
That's definitely on my list now! Thanks :) more

Defining Your Personal Wellness Path Step 1

 How do you define your own wellness path? The natural reaction is to look to the paths of others. Think of someone you admire. Who was the first person that popped into your head? Michelle Obama,  Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr Mehmet Oz? Many people leave a bold and impressive footprint, other people move along their paths with such precision and determination it is inspiring....more
You know, being fresh out of an extremely hectic college life, I've really let myself go. I ... more

Give Yourself the Best Christmas Present Ever, Mom

Our first son arrived in the world just over one month before Christmas Eve. To say that I was still a little overwhelmed with being a mom for the first time when that Christmas rolled around is putting it very lightly. I would later be diagnosed with postpartum depression, but at that time, I thought I was just failing miserably. I didn't send Christmas cards. I didn't get gifts for all of the people who mattered to me. I didn't even have a large pile of presents for our little baby boy. I was so mad at myself that Christmas. I look back at that Christmas and just want to hug myself. ...more
This advise would really work for single working women with a lot of things going on in life, ... more