Countdown to Swimsuit Season..Will you be Ready?

Hello Mamas, It's that time of year when Sports Illustrated launches there yearly swimsuit issue, on Valentine's Day no less! After our significant others put there eyes back into their heads and stop giggling, talking, texting, emailing etc. their friends they remember us. lol!   I don't buy the issue but do peak online at the girls.  They are young, beautiful and have great genes.  I'm sure they exercise because its their job to be fit as swimsuit models but lets face it Mamas they are in their early twenties. This years cover girl is only 19....more
Just because of this post, it's 50° and I'm to wear ...more

Suffering from Pre-traumatic Mall Symptoms? Try Our Shopping 101 Course

Hello Mamas, About a week ago my cousin posted a status on facebook that got a lot of feedback mostly negative. Her status read..... Whenever I go to the mall my body starts to shutdown. I get tired, sluggish, unfocused...I really hate shopping. Does this happen to anyone else?...more

The Best Ten Year Push Present Ever

Ten years ago I became a mom for the first time.  I remember thinking I had my shit together, and that it was going to be no problem.  Boy was I in for it....more

You Can Learn a Lot About Someone by the Color of Their Eye Shadow

It's easy enough to buy a eye shadow kit with tutorials, we've all done it, but the real problem lies in..  Where's the crease? Highlight the brow bone?...more

Giving Thanks for Chocolate

If I see one more Hershey/Rescees/M+M's/piece of chocolate, I will scream!! Enough with the Halloween chocolate! Down with the Thanksgiving chocolate!!  Do you dress up, or go more casual? I'm more casual, especially after sitting out all morning cheering on the local football team in the fuh-reezing cold! But for sure I'll be slathered in chocolate-ly Thanksgiving goodness....more

Real Life Outfit: Friday Night Out

11 Things I am Loving for 11.11.11

In honor of 11.11.11, 11 items I am currently loving on..... Essie Case Study.  Because I can't commit to too dark just yet..  ...more

How on Earth Do I Kick This Sugar Addiction?

How on Earth do I end up reaching for three Sweedish Fish yet end up eating the entire bag? Well last night, holistic health coach Johanna Voss explained to a packed audience why our bodies no longer respond to what should be a natural ability to know what our body needs, and when....more