New Motherhood Was Not a Kay Jewelers Commercial

There are annoying holiday commercials (I'm talking about you, TJ Maxx). And then there are Kay Jewelers holiday commercials, which take 'annoying' to a whole new level. But one in particular stands out among the rest. In it, a young mother has just finished feeding her newborn baby at 2am on Christmas morning when she's suddenly joined by her doting husband, who romantically lights their Christmas tree and gives her a watch....more

While I am not in the habit of arguing with someones experience, I would like to put other the ... more

I love you, but I can’t STAND to be around your kids

I used to be good friends with Charlene and her husband, Ben. I mean GOOD friends. We partied in college, where we met. We kept in touch. Charlene and Ben even moved up to Sacramento, where I was living at the time, mostly on a whim, and the four of us—Charlene, Ben, me, and whoever I was dating at the time—played. We camped, hiked, talked over coffee, over beer, at the beach, over BBQ. We spent Thanksgivings together. We were close....more

I choose to have a baby not because I ever thought that having a baby would make me a better ... more

Sexism and Society

This is something that keeps coming back to me time and time again. People around me are always telling me that I am a great person and given that I am into science and engineering, they tell me that I'm smart, but in the midst of all this I can always feel an undercurrent of condescension, especially the guys, its always as if that they suggest that I am doing good "for a woman". I just can't get over this, sort of subconscious, I'm sure even they don't realize it explicitly, sexism....more

Isn't the very notion that some women do not "exude" femininity sexist to begin with?

What ... more

Controversy Wednesday: STAY-AT-HOME VS. WORKING MOMS

The following is re-posted from my blog Hmmm, this would be an interesting Celebrity Death Match, wouldn’t it?  The mom wearing the rumpled pantsuit and pearls swings her Blackberry into the face of the mom wearing stretchy black yoga pants and Nikes.  Stay-At-Home Mom deflec...more

when women abandon the public sphere for the strange fetish of spend every moment with their ... more