Tomorrow's forecast: flying monkeys.

Friday was hot. (How hot was it?) It was so hot that heading down to the Social Security office seemed like a *good* idea. Free government air conditioning! Cheery atmosphere! Friendly employees! Quality people in the waiting room! Posters of George Takei urging you to do your business online! ...more

Working Mom Syndrome

I'm a stay-at-home-mom in the sense that I don't leave to go to an office. I don't drop K off at daycare (though I did for a while when we had easy access to an absurdly affordable caregiver and only one mortgage to pay).  I don't have to call my boss and explain why I won't be there when K is sick, or spend money on a work wardrobe, or deal with a commute in crappy weather. I do, in fact, stay at home. ...more

And So On We Go.

It's Thursday. Or it was Thursday, anyway, a few hours ago when all of this was going down. ...more

A Bad Case of the CCABs

The Unlikely Origins house has been afflicted with a terrible case of the Can't Catch A Breaks lately. ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Pseudoscorpion Edition

OK, not really wordless. I do have one word for this picture. EEEEWWW. ...more

Simply Saturday

Simply Saturday We're joining up with Jenn over at A Country Girl's Ramblings for today's excuse to post more pictures of K Simply Saturday link-up! Today we're talking about sleep. ...more

Staying on Track

I've posted before about how K is kind of a brutal personal trainer. She's getting worse. This morning I was trying to wrap-up work stuff for the week, and she handed me an Oreo to "open" for her. (She only likes the middles. Um, for breakfast? I don't know. It's Friday.) Instead of twisting it and handing it back to her, I absentmindedly popped it into my mouth. ...more

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We've been celebrating St. Patrick's Day via indulgent food choices for the last week!...more

Giveaways revisited!

Once upon a time I had interests (mostly books). And things I felt passionately about (mostly books). And I ran with it and turned it into a degree (in books). I spun it into a career (in college I worked as a book critic, and now I work for a book editing company) and earned myself a full scholarship to grad school (studying... books!). I liked books. I loved books. I hauled a U-Haul trailer full (well, half full, anyway) of books across the country when I moved back home-ish to the midwest. I. Like. Books. ...more

I am a Big Mean Ogre

That's what K told me today. (After getting out of the shower, she modified her assessment and told me that I was a "big wet ogre." We've been watching a lot of Shrek lately.) The other day my new (temporary!) charges (seven and ten) played a rousing game of "guess how old Karinya is" and finally decided that I was forty. I'm twenty-seven.  ...more