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And So On We Go.

It's Thursday. Or it was Thursday, anyway, a few hours ago when all of this was going down. ...more

Bonding in the Cabbage Patch

Two weeks ago I posted "Adventures in Cold Weather Gardening" and I vowed tosomehow teach my children about the joys of gardening (even in this barren desert). Today, while Emmy was napping, Lexi and I planted some young veggie starts we bought at our local nursery....more

Gardening as a family is such a pleasure, and I'm sure your daughter loves her one-on-one time ...more

The longest eleven minutes of my life.

Let's just start with the fact that the day started off with me putting on jeans that I quickly realized were still wet from the dryer that apparent didn't do it's job. That is the worst feeling at 7:30 a.m. when you're in a rush and already cold from the shower and you really don't have time to think of another outfit option. ...more

Yes! And then after the "big question" is answered, I always kind of surprise myself with how I ...more

In the Hospital, I Became "That Mom"

He hit her in the face.He hit her in the face again.Doesn't he know that's my baby?How hard would it be to work slower, tug gentler, move that cord so that it stops hitting her repeatedly in the face? How hard would it be to cradle her head gently in his hands, rather than turning it to the side by pulling on the tube in her mouth?Can't he see it's upsetting her?Can't he see it's upsetting me?...more
I am in awe for the story and what you endured. I think the comments do the best justice for ...more

Disappearing Stripper Boots... or Why Barbie Can Stay

Katie was brimming with excitement and, with brush in hand, couldn't wait to brush Barbie's long golden hair. As I removed the bits of plastic holding her in place, I couldn't help but notice the length of her dress (super short), the backless top of the dress, the black knee-high stripper boots, the heavy eye makeup. I immediately felt a twinge in my stomach. I was uncomfortable. ...more
Great post. I took a similar approach with my girl and we had no issues.  (Mind you this was the ...more

It's a Process...

  If there's one thing I've learned from this whole selling our house saga, it's that our realtor, Suzanne Gallup, was absolutely correct when she said that it's a process. When Jim and I first talked about selling our home I was heartbroken. This was a house we bought after seven months of marriage, the house we came to as newlyweds on August 20, 1983....more

You know, Karinya - I almost took that "schmaltzy" line out - thanks!more

An Early Christmas Gift for a Stay at Home Mom

The diner was well lit and cheery.  The orange tiles reminded me of my own childhood days and delighted the babies as they scampered about.  The outside wall was lined with windows at baby height, so that as we struggled to get from the parking lot inside, the babies falsely thought we'd made it before we reached the door."Uh, oh!" they said, tapping on the windows.  "Locked, locked.  Key!  Ope!  Ope door!"...more

and a gift for them. Sounds like your babies brought smiles to others that night. :)

I had ...more

Our Secret Fantasies

When I was a little girl, I fantasized about having a horse; a tall, beautiful horse. One with a long, flowing mane and tail.  Didn’t we all? Then I got a little older and dreamed about having the coolest hair and clothing. My five-year-plan was to graduate from high school and drive the coolest car back and forth to the cool clothing and accessories boutique that, of course, I owned....more

Without them I would have gone insane years ago...Great Post!more

Santa's a scary dude.

Every year one after another of unsuspecting toddlers line up to sit on Santa’s lap in the mall or at an office Christmas party, only to burst into hysterics and wriggling fits of terror. Why do parents put them through that? Because it’s Santa Claus, god dammit! He’s friggin’ jolly and all that other shit! It mystifies me how so many people insist on placing their traumatized child on his lap, even though they really don’t even quite get the whole notion of Christmas anyway....more

lol.. I use that Mommy card on other things... like stupid looking hats that I think are so darn ...more

(PHOTOS) Here's My Post-Partum Body: No Fear. No Regrets.

My truth is that my body never returned to what it was pre-baby. My truth is that my stretch marks were not minimal and the stretched skin never really puckered back up. My truth is that my belly button will always look a little weird and wrinkly now. My truth is that there will always be a bit of a lip at the bottom of my stomach from where the loose skin hangs, thanks to either C-sections or very large babies. I wanted to post pictures of my truth to show that I have no regrets concerning this truth. I have no fear of it. ...more
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This piece is absolutely wonderful.  While I bounced back ...more