I Paid For College, and I'm Proud

It was never a question of "if" I would go to college. It was expected of me, and I expected it of myself. I remember talking with friends in the first grade about attending the University of Hawaii together. As a Navy brat and Oahu resident at the time, it seemed only natural. ...more
I am paying my own way through my American graduate college experience, with my tuition and ...more

Things to Avoid While Road Tripping With Kids

We are a reluctant group of road warriors. With family spaced out up to 10-12 hours in 3 different directions, we spend a lot of time making road trips to get in some quality time with them because we don't have a small fortune to invest in (or an extra child we can put on eBay to fund) plane tickets. And also because you can force me to drive 12 hours with 2 kids (4 and 2) any day before you will ever get me to agree to trap myself in an airport and on a plane with them. ...more
Avoiding the truck stop diner is a great tip, and I never thought of bringing instant coffee ...more

Five Tips For Taking Pictures of Yourself

There's been a bit of a movement lately to encourage moms to get in front of the camera. I've blogged about it before, about how important it is for our kids to have tangible photographic evidence that we were here, too.In theory, it should be as simple as sucking it up (or in, in the case of my gut), and hopping in when someone else is taking the picture. But in reality, a lot of us ARE the photographers. So the only way to be sure we can take the picture and also be in it is to figure out how to do the two things at the same time....more
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A Letter to Future Me: Remember How Much You Loved Them

Dear Me 20 Years From Now, I wonder if you've become one of those women who briefly lingers around, a safe distance behind, young moms carting their babies and toddlers through the grocery store with that far-off look in your eyes. If you gently smile at the mom when she looks up and catches your glance, obviously frazzled by how challenging taking 2 kids grocery shopping is, as if to tell her it's going to be okay. If you look at her and miss that time, want so badly to trade 5 minutes of the independence you have now that your kids are much older so that you can rest a toddler's head on your shoulder, or buckle a baby in their car seat, mindful not to pinch any belly chub in the harness....more
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Using Candid Photos to Document a Day in Your Life

We all have the "pretty" pictures of our kids, our families, those days we're supposed to document. They're framed, in albums, stuck on refrigerators and turned into computer screen savers. They're moments worth documenting and remembering, for sure....more
Feel weird replying to my own comment. In any case - I did it :) Harder than it seems. I think I ...more