I am Ambujom  Saraswathy ( Swathi)  blogging at Zestysouthindiankitchen, and love to cook, learn not only about the food, but also about the culture behind it. From a young age I was interested in science, hence I studied to become scientist, and got a PhD in microbiology; the study of the microbes was my passion. I did that for a decade, but now I am happy and content as a stay at home mom and the blogging that I had started to do when I had some time to kill has become my second passion. I love to explore dishes (especially vegetarian) from all over the world and to tailor the dish to suit mine and my family‚Äôs Indian palate.

For me food the quality of food and the taste is the most important; however for a food to be appealing to a person it should be great looking.