What New Tech Knowledge Do You Want?

In the world of tech, there's always something new to learn. It's a new year, what new things are on your learning radar this year? ...more
That's a great list, Virginia! I just recently setup Netflix and love it! As for the issue with ... more

When Bloggers Stop Blogging: Break or Break Up?

Have you noticed the disappearing bloggers phenomenon? They start off all eager, posting and commenting and following. Then (the writers especially) start complaining about how much time blogging takes. There’s often a post to strategize how to best utilize their time. For some, school gets in the way. Then there are those who take off for a couple of months or the summer or to work on a WIP. And never come back. ...more

I started a blog in 2003 and wrote until 2005. I wish I had kept it going but I guess somehow I ... more

Lessons Learned from a First Year of Blogging

I set out to write a blog that was truly candid, but that meant taking risks with where my audience might draw lines, and as I said above, I only started giving a slightly smaller shit what people though t-- I didn't quit caring altogether. So one of the most freeing things I've learned is that, although I keep them in mind, my audience doesn't shape my writing -- I do. ...more

Congrats on your first year and your great accomplishments.
I've been blogging off and on and ... more

The Great Unsubscribe of 2010

My inbox overflowed. Every single day. Emails. Emails. Insane amounts of emails. My inbox was crazy. All of my inboxes were packed. I have 7 inboxes that I actively use, and all of them were crazy, with my primary account being the craziest of all. And were these emails from friends, family, business contacts? No. These emails were from marketers trying to sell me things. And it was all my own fault. ...more

A lot.
I have several email addresses dedicated to the various email signups, whether it be for ... more

8 Things You Can Do to be a Better Blogger

We bloggers have disgusting reading habits. Day after day, most of us read nothing but other people's blogs. Blog writing is uneven across the Web, and a lot of it just sucks, even if the ideas expressed are valid. Nonfiction in the form of really great, high-end-magazine essays is your best friend. Even fiction will give you a leg up in terms of storytelling. Just put down the laptop and go to the library. It'll change the way you write. ...more

I think number 7 is something that a lot of people forget. It's important to "just be you" and ... more

How Much Should You Charge for Advertising on Your Blog?

Ever get an email from a potential advertiser asking you what your ad rates and sizes are? ...more

Thanks for the link to the resource. I'm not yet at the point where I have the traffic to charge ... more