I Have No Idea Who Was Snubbed Because Motherhood Doesn't Stop for the Golden Globes

There was a time in my life when I woke early in the morning in anticipation of the announcement of the Golden Globe nominations and, once they were out, I would study the list carefully and decide if I agreed that So and So's performance in Such and Such was really worthy of a nomination and then complain when my favorites were snubbed and then spend some time with friends asking why my favorites were always ignored. I'd keep myself warm with a little nomination outrage and then get on with the day. ...more
It's a very sad, true statement about motherhood. more

Top Ten Success Tips For My 25-Year-Old Self

Dear 25-Year Old Self, As I am turning 50 soon, I feel that I can give you some excellent I’m-twice-your-age-youngster advice, with a bonus tip: Top Ten Lists have better Google juice. You’re welcome! Here we go, youngster. ...more
I think I saw your play - that makes me SO proud of (and myself for being so theater savvy). ... more

Mad Men: Where Have You Been All My Life?

Like everything else in my life, I got into Mad Men about three seasons after the whole world declared it "the best show on television" (a title I firmly give to Dexter, by the by). It's not that I hadn't had the opportunity to watch it, it wasn't as though I hadn't been stunned by the sheer amount of people with the cartoon gravitars a la Mad Men on The Twitter and The Facebook, I just didn't understand what was so awesome about Mad Men....more
January Jones, who plays Betty Draper, was wildly pregnant - that's how she looked so bloated. ... more