Orzo & Grilled Veggie Salad


Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa http://momwhats4dinner.com/hot-cocoa/...more

Avogloemono Soup

  http://momwhats4dinner.com/avoglemono-soup/My favourite soup of all time!  Every my mom would tell us she was going to make this, it always brought a smile to our faces.Most commonly known as avogloemono, it means egg and lemon in Greek, and in Turkish terbiyeli kofte corbasi  means sour seasoned meatball soup, however you call it…its a delicious hearty soup!...more

Chocolate Macaroons

http://momwhats4dinner.com/chocolate-macaroons/This time of the year reminds me of these soft chocolate macaroons, my aunt would make them every time around December, they were one of my favourite treats as a kid! This is the recipe that she shared with me, and now I make them for my kids:) ...more

Pumpkin Pancakes

http://momwhats4dinner.com/pumpkin-pancakes/Mmmmmm….pumpkin pancakes…how do I describe them!? It’s like pumpkin pie with out the crust! With a bit a butter and maple syrup these babies are gold!...more

Grilled Veggies

1 of each red, orange, yellow bell peppers2 medium sized zucchini1 small eggplant1 tomato1/2 cup freshly chopped parsley...more

Spinach Borek

http://momwhats4dinner.com/ Spinach borek...more