Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your DSLR's Autofocus With Focus Modes

If you've ever tried to read the manual that came with your DSLR, you might have walked away feeling like you tried to read something in a foreign language. ...more

How My (Blog) Photography Evolved Into Something Else (...That Saved My Family)

When I first pulled up that blank computer screen back in late 2005, I never imagined that what I was about to do would eventually save my family from financial ruin. I started with a few words, and then returned the next night to add a few more. Weeks went by. More words joined the first ones and then, in a twist of fate, photos were added to the mix. ...more
Great story! I'm actually surprised you didn't say screw the other job, I'm sticking with this! ...more

Me, A Hot Glue Gun, Too Much Time, and Some Peeps.

I stopped in my tracks, stared at the Peep on the dining room table, and fully realized something I should have thought of years ago: Peeps are the cockroaches of the candy world. That Peep had been sitting there for weeks, slowly turning into a rock, but otherwise staying unchanged. No bugs cared about it. Mold stayed away. EVEN THE DOG IGNORED IT. ...more

Pumping in the Parking Garage: Breastfeeding and Working Was a Challenge

When I went back to work while I was still breastfeeding, pumping in the parking garage was not what I had in mind. ...more
This is deplorable! (fist shaking in air!) The amount of stress you felt is palpable. Luckily I ...more

To the Mothers Who Made Me

To the mothers who made me the mother I am, thank you. You are the mothers who have taught me that a little patience goes a long way, especially in public. You're the mothers who keep their cool when faced with total chaos. I admire your composure. I make it a point to try to emulate you. You are also the mothers who totally lose it in public. I don't judge you, but I do take note. I don't want to look like that. Try harder. Be more. Dig deep for patience. ...more
_sammyandclaire Thanks!more

Road Trips Are Where the Memories Are Made

There are things that people tell you when they find out you are expecting a baby. Then there are things people SHOULD tell you when you are expecting a baby. They tell you, "Sleep now while you can!" but they SHOULD tell you, "Sleep now because you will NEVER EVER sleep again!" People tell you, "Say goodbye to being able to do whatever you want whenever you want!" They SHOULD tell you, "Hey! You can go on vacation all you want, but you better make sure your destination is within a six-hour radius." ...more
I love road trips!!!!! :)more

Tips for Photographing a Birth

If Current Me could talk to Past Me, Current Me would say, "Hey. You. Those first photos you take of Alexis could be a lot better if you would take the time to learn a little about photographing a baby." Current Me could hand Past Me a crib sheet, like this one by Tamara Bowman, and point out some of the tips that would have gone a long way to better capturing those early newborn days. ...more
My advice: don't ever take pictures of birth and if you do, don't post them anywhere. Not every ...more

10 Photography Mother's Day Gifts for Your Shutterbug

Life doesn't come with a pause button, but photography offers a chance to pretend it does. For just a moment, everything is frozen. The images captured can evoke memories and emotions that instantly take you back to that moment, even decades later. It's no wonder that so many moms love photography. It offers a way to keep little ones small, even as they grow up and start families of their own....more
 @KarenLynnn I have like three of them. I would hang my head in shame, but they're so useful!more

Lessons Learned About Interior Painting

I'll be honest. I expected that it would take four coats of paint to cover up that red mess that reminded me of dried cow blood. And that was WITH a quality paint plus primer. Without it, I figured it would be something like eight coats of paint. ...more
Use a dark primer. If you buy the gray primer they sell in the store, have them add black to ...more

Fix-It Wednesday: 10 Tips for Buying Used or Damaged Furniture

Nearly every piece of furniture in our house was purchased at a bargain price because it was used, scratched, dented or just flat-out broken. I love to troll garage sales and the scratch-n-dent sections of stores for a hidden treasure or two. How else can you get a gorgeous couch for under $100?   ...more
  do you repair and upgrade the furniture you find or do you outsource it.? I just picked up a ...more