Meatless Mondays: Pasta with Walnuts and Vegetable Sauce from My Colombian Recipes

Erica from My Colombian Recipes says this dish of Pasta with Walnuts and Vegetable Sauce tastes like the brightest spring day, and I believe her. Plus this dish can be on table in just a few minutes. This is not a low-fat dish, but walnuts are ultra nutritious and there's a lot of vegetables in the sauce. You could use light cream cheese and half and half and even reduce the amount of butter if you wanted to reduce the calories and I'm sure it would still taste great! ...more

I can't wait to make this again. Morel mushrooms should be coming into season any day ... more

Week 3: Explore and Win a BlogHer Food '11 Pass!

We still have so much good stuff on to introduce you to, so how about we keep this going for another week and give you an opportunity to win your choice of a full conference pass to either BlogHer Food '11, May 20-21 in Atlanta, Georgia, or our annual conference, BlogHer '11, August 5-6 in San Diego, California? ...more

I could only hope to have to make that decision! Fingers crossed. more

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Drama BeansIntel Review"I can't put a mathematical number to it, but  yes, it was much faster. "...more

The hyper threading is the feature I'd use most. My laptop is 3 years old and can't handle more ... more