Living Presently Celebrating my Greatest Hits!

Sometimes you just have to change things up, like how you look at your life. Reflecting on my life, measuring all that I've done, rating my hits and misses, I realized that I focus on the misses, not the hits. Over analyzing, not leaving the past behind, instead of living presently. Time is now, that is all I have so instead of focusing on what I can't change, the past, I am focusing on what I can control, the now. By using my energy for the present I can make a difference in my life by actively participating actually changing my course....more

Reflections on Growing Old

   Heading for a week in Spain, Madrid and Sevilla, on this long flight allows time for reflections and thought. I really don’t know I think I am at the three quarters point of my life, I can only go by my family and our longevity.  ...more

Embrace your destiny!

Life, living, what do you want, what are you striving to do or be, what is your destiny? So often I have asked myself these very questions coming up with no viable answer. Who am I and who do I want to be. I've always thought I knew the answer but now after thoughtful consideration I am not quite sure. Is that bad, I just don't know. ...more

Living with Karma everyday!

Every action that you takes impacts you, comes back to you. The law of Karma is that simple so don't resist. Instead embrace knowing that you are in control of your life by your actions. Living with the belief in Karma changes you and your life. We do not live in a vacuum, going about our life without our actions effecting us. We are all connected in this universe by the thread of our being, our life force. What we do and say radiates into the world returning to us in one form or another. We just have to be open to know this truth, living in harmony with Karma. ...more

What's holding you back?

Maybe you are like me often wondering why something that I want or wanted to do, that should be so easy just isn't coming to fruition. Why isn't it. I repeat powerful mantras that are inspirational, meant to be a force that will propel me forward yet I am still rooted in the same place like an old tree with no sway or give. I think no matter how hard I try or feel nothing changes. I don't understand until I finally realize that I am holding me back. I'm completely mystified, how is that possible, I think....more

The strength I gain from yoga!

Last night in my yoga class my teacher was talking about how what we learn on our mat gives us strength off our mat for a yoga practice is more than just physical. Yoga also your choice has a strong mental side as well as physical.  Usually a practitioner begins yoga seeking the physical benefits which are wonderful, stopping with physical strength. Finding mental benefits is an added plus, a fantastic plus!  The mental resilience that you take away from your mat as my teacher was articulating last night resonates in my soul keeping me coming back always wanting more....more

Life is all about the journey

Enjoy your journey through life that is what we have. We can control or change our path in life with our power to make choices. Life is fluid, ever changing, flowing like a river with stretches of rapids and rocks, followed by the beauty of a calm quite relaxing expanse of water. Embrace all, don't resist for you cannot change or control what comes to you. You control how you react and handle life, remembering the important rule of the universe, everything that you has an effect, impacting your life....more

Focusing all your power on you!

Our ability to focus our attention is a powerful tool to being your best. Squandering the gift of focus by placing your attention on others is giving your power away. Instead use that power on you, to live your best life. Don't focusing on others, what they have, what they are doing, use your time and energy embracing life's endless possibilities. Make you the center of your life. This is not a selfish proposal as you can only live your life, be you. Placing your attention on you, what you are doing, what you want, allows you to be present in your life.    ...more

Living presently embracing life's moments.

Every single present moment impacts the next moment on your journey through life. Understanding this concept allows you to live your life present and with mindfulness. No longer do you sleep walk through life feeling that you have no control over what happens next. Instead you know that living presently, being accountable for your actions, creates a life that is uniquely yours with you in control. ...more

Living with awareness and mindfulness