Live free of Resistance to create your best life!

Overcoming resistance is essential to living your best life. Resistance to the flow of your life, what the universe has specifically in store for you is rooted in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of lack of control, fear of change, just plan fear! ...more

Embracing Acceptance to move forward to your best life!

Acceptance to all that shows up in life is very hard for me. Intellectually I understand that we cannot control life's situations or others, we can only impact our life through our ability to control our own actions. Yes this is very simply put. Probably too simplistic but I think that shines the true light on our power to control what is around us by controlling ourselves.  Fighting this truth leads to stress, conflict, infinite drama that is not only unnecessary but harmful to our well being....more

You can't find yourself since you are not lost just hiding!

I've been on a quest to find the best me for my whole adult life so you think I'd be close by now. No I don't feel that I am almost there I feel that I have a long way to go. Recently I realized that I will never "find" my best self, my true me since the premise is totally false, impossible to obtain. How can you find your true self, how can it be lost or missing. The answer is so clear that instead of "looking" I should just be myself. We all have our true self within us we don't have to go looking....more

Change is not a bad word!

Most times when we hear the word change we panic, feel fear, worry that all will be altered forever. Change is inevitable in life, nothing can stop change. Fighting change only creates negativity and stress. Instead do it differently, embrace change, through out judgement and attachment, realize that we cannot hold back change any more than we can hold back time. Become free from focusing on what we have no control over instead work on all that we can control in our lives, only ourselves....more

Negating Toxic People by one simple choice!

People don't realize that they can't hurt you or 'get even' with you unless you allow them by giving your power away. All they are doing is sending out negative energy that like a homing pigeon returns right back to the source, the toxic person. You control how you react, only you, that is the power that lies with in all of us that we can either choice to use or choice to lose. The decision is yours to make wisely to live with endless possibilities instead of being limited by the toxic behavior of others.  ...more

Break free of all that is holding you back by being the Star of your life!

Free, free to be our best, free from the pulls of the past that are holding us back, this is what to strive for to live your best life. To get past the chatter of the inner voice, the ego which whole purpose is to control, learn to let go of all the baggage from the past by living presently....more

You and only you are in control responsible for your life!

The most powerful truth that I have assimilated into my being helping me to be the person that I am today is so surprisingly simple. Yes, so simple yet so hard for me to believe, actually strongly resisting that idea that I am in control of my life. Instead I'd rather give all my power to anyone but me! How many times I would say or think I had to do something, I had no choice, not accepting personal responsibility for my life. Accepting this truth, living your life being accountable releases you power focusing on your attention on your intentions....more

Learned to Easily Handle Annoying , Rude or Toxic People

Most of my life I have always worried about my verbal interactions to others, mentally monitoring my conversations with people, was I being rude, hurting their feelings, speaking out of turn, even if I was dealing with a person who did not regard me in the same manner....more

Release Resistance from your life to set you free to succeed!

It took me along time to realize that resistance was holding me back from success, from achieving my goals and desires. Not anyone but me. Hard to face at first except that I think I always knew that I was the biggest reason that I was falling short of my desires. I was making it hard for me to move forward just because I didn't see how powerful I could be if I just let resistance go! Once I accepted this truth it was easy to move forward eliminating my old ways of resistance by making a few changes.  The first step on the path to no resistance was to let go of blame!...more

Yes you can neutralizing toxic people!

What if you can't eliminate a toxic person from you life at the present moment and you have to live with their negativity. How can you not let them spread their poison to you? Most of us have had to deal with a family member, co-worker, someone close to who is horribly toxic, yet we just couldn't cut them off. How do you neutralize that person so they don't effect you, so you are free from being pulled into their evil web. First understand that it is not about you, it is about them. You are not the problem - don't let them project their negativity onto you or engage you in their drama....more