On Buying What Monica Lewinsky Is Selling

I didn't want to get sucked in when I heard that Monica Lewinsky was writing for Vanity Fair about her affair with President Bill Clinton. The aftermath of That Woman, including the Congressional impeachment process, was so distasteful and damaging that I really didn't want to revisit it through a Lewinsky lens. I'd like to hear what Hillary has yet to say about that time, yes. ...more
Yes! Both Clinton's have had the opportunity to tell their side and move past this. Monica ... more

If You're So Unhappy Being a Mom, Why Should I Be One?

At least ten of you have sent me the link to the I Hate Being a Mom Secret Confessions site by now, and I’ve been avoiding it. Sort of in the same way I’ve been avoiding seeing The Exorcist. Because although I know these horror stories probably wouldn’t happen to me, they’d still scare me to death. I was right....more
Sad...but not surprising. I wonder when we'll stop pretending that every woman should be a ... more

Announcing the Voices of the Year '12 Honorees and Readers!

Today we are pleased and proud to announce the next group of people who will see that view for themselves. It's time to announce the final 2012 BlogHer Voices of the Year!...more
I'm delighted...and honored to have been chosen as one of the BlogHer Voices of the Year 2012! ... more

Childfree: When Those You Don't Know (or Don't Know Well) Ask You, "Why Don't You Want Kids?"

The childfree encounter a number of different kinds of challenges, from loves ones who don't understand their choice, to getting pressure to change their minds and more. One of the challenges the childfree talk about is how not to get defensive when asked by people they don't know (or don't know well) why they don't want kids. I have three of my favorite strategies for dealing with this kind of situation....more
I have two responses: one more lighthearted, the other a little harsher.  Lighthearted:  "Kids ... more

Table For One : Are Single and Childless Bloggers "The 1%" of Social Media ?

Conference:  BlogHer '12 Track:  The Personal About You Name:  Kim Trimble URL:  http://www.livefromthe205.com The blogosphere is a diverse place filled with different strokes for different folks. However, when a typical person thinks of blogging, they think of the mommy bloggers. Are Single and/or Childless Bloggers underrepresented? Why do PR firms and blogging groups seemingly only focus on mommy / daddy bloggers for the juicy deals/sponsorships ? ...more

I love this. Thanks so much for taking it on. I am both amused and annoyed how "blogger" has ... more

Don't Abandon Passion Simply to Pay Your Bills

[Editor's Note: Passion - for living, for the things we love makes us come alive. We should never sacrifice being alive simply for paying the bills. Yes, the bills need to get paid. It's not about quitting your job before you finish reading this post. That said, forgetting the basics - being alive, living fully today, should never be put on the backburner. Read on for a post that challenges you to live your passions now. - Paula G] ...more
Yep, I stayed too long at a job that I should have left shortly after starting it. Within a ... more

Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes 5: Share A Moment and Enter to Win a Kindle Fire!

This sweepstakes is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! Please check out our new sweepstakes launching January 26. ...more
2012 will be the year of my new "life model". Earning a robust income from my consulting ... more

Is Marriage Obsolete?

In Jeffrey Zaslow's The Magic Room: A Story About the Love We Wish for Our Daughters, he talks about a lot of different aspects of marriage. Why people marry. What people think of marriage. He peppers the book with statistics. One I was surprised he brought up was the idea that some people believe marriage is becoming obsolete. ...more
I don't think it's becoming obsolete, but it's certainly not something that everybody needs to ... more

Microwave Potato Chips

When Nikki told us that you could do this simple thing and have real potato chip taste from the microwave I just couldn't believe it.  So she cut one up and nuked it for us.  Yummm.You need:...more
I'm sorry. I can't take recipe instructions from the type of woman who owns a mandolin.. ... more

Are You Holding Your Blogging Tongue Too Much?

The Lotus Pad recently had a fantastic post about what we say and what we don't say online as we keep in mind our "personal brand." After all, do you want to be known as the person who gets knocked down but gets up again, or do you want to be known as Debbie Downer? But at the same time, how is it damaging to the writer to hold back what they really want to say? And how is it damaging to the reader who gets a false sense of another person's world? ...more
I do hold my blogging tongue from time to time. It's probably a good thing. Words live on a lot ... more