He Wants to Watch Porn Together but I Don't!

They've been together for seven years and seemingly out of nowhere, he has decided that the best thing for their sex life is to watch porn together. The problem? She gave it a shot, but instead of discovering she enjoyed it, she was assured she never wanted to do it again! What is a girl to do when our ideas of foreplay or sex aids don't match up? ...more
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Haiti Storms, Cholera and You: Time to Thank Your Toilet

I have a new best friend. She's cool and smooth and adaptable. Kind of like a Dragon-Tattooed-urbanite who can deal with any situation, from a tweaking guest at a rave, to the post-modern gut-angst of intellectuals. She's slow to rile too - give her a nudge and all she does is gurgle at you. She's the toilet in my house. ...more

The things we take for granted. I can't imagine the things you've seen, even in the colorful way ... more

She's 18 Next Month: This Mom Is Backing Away From Miley Cyrus Criticism

Miley Cyrus will be 18 next month. All this talk of containing the sexy is rubbing me wrong. I can't stand her music, and I've never been a fan of any of the Cyrus clan for myriad reasons. I was aghast at her behavior when she was 16. However, she's not 16 anymore, not a child. Now that she's a month from being old enough to vote and serve her country, any attempts to contain her sexy smacks of patronizing patriarchy to me. But this post is not a rant -- it's a question. ...more

She may be legal, but she's still a "teen" and therefore she's still a young kid. A kid who ... more

(VIDEO) Psychology Today on The Beauty Myth. Again, Seriously?

According to Amy Alkon, either my husband is not biologically/genetically man or he is blind. That’s because I managed to “catch” (or “snag” or “land” -- she uses all of these hunting metaphors in her article ”The Truth About Beauty" in Psychology Today on why you better be attractive if you don’t want to die alone and poor with 17 cats who eat your face off before anyone even notices that you are missing because who would care about you anyway if you aren’t physically attractive according to a narrow set of standards) him while I was 35 pounds overweight and did not wear make-up. ...more

Psychology Today is yet another "behind the scenes" sponsor of Maybelline, Clairol, and ZapZit. ... more

An Open Letter to Martha Stewart

Dear Ms. Stewart, I don't want you to take what I'm about to say in the wrong way. I give you full props for your perfect little empire. Well, almost perfect. There was that little stint you did in....well, you know....more

She is the Betty Crocker version of all the Ken Lays and Bernie Madoffs out there ripping off ... more

Good Luck Getting Kissed by ANYONE, Marie Claire, Your Fat-Bashing Backfired

The women's magazine Marie Claire published an incendiary article on its website this week asking "Should "Fatties" Get A Room? (Even on TV?)" which is receiving a backlash of condemnation via social media. ...more

Using the word "fat" in any context in the mainstream fashion industry is like using a 4-letter ... more

Can Your Hormone Creams Give Your Guy, Your Child, Or Your Cat Boobs?

Ever since the data from the Women’s Health Initiative demonstrated the risks of taking the synthetic hormones PremPro and Premarin, the use of topical hormones, especially compounded bio-identical hormone creams popularized by people like Suzanne Somers, have surged. ...more

Thank you for putting this out there for the general public. It is certain that many people are ... more

The Blogosphere on Authenticity

Choosing to live a more authentic life two years ago has required me to be very conscious of how I spend my days and how I live. It's not always easy, but it's very much like the thoughts Beth shared with us in response to the video on her blog: "I have reached the conclusion that regardless of whether other people are being authentic, I don't want to be held hostage by my fears of what people will think or say. I want to be me. ...more

Your story really touched me. People just can't seem to grasp the fact that as long as you're ... more