Fellow White Allies, Keep on Keepin' On

As someone who identifies as a white ally, I find myself with no shortage of opportunities to shut up, listen, and learn from people of color.  It's also not uncommon that I find myself in frustrating situations in which my fellow white people say or do unintentionally racist or culturally appropriative things, get called out, and proceed to flip out in epic and embarrassing ways. ...more

On Breastfeeding and Feminism

I kind of can't believe that I haven't already written about this, but alas, when The Boob Geek (who you should definitely like on facebook if you...more
Enjoyed reading this - lots of interesting points! Thank you!more

Fabric Scrap Ornaments

It's a crafty time of year around here, and this quick and simple project is a great way to use up fabric scraps ...more

A Tale of a Feminist Who Took Her Husband's Name

My last name has undergone a few makeovers. There was my given last name, my father's, which my mother had taken when they married. My first and last name together had a nice ring to them. They were both fairly uncommon names, and I grew up enjoying not being another Jenny Johnson. (No offense to the Jenny Johnsons of the world; I'm sure you are lovely!) Image Credit: Flood, via Flickr ...more
Interestingly enough, when Hun and I became our own family, I was adamant I would be hyphenating ...more

Today I Nursed in Public

Today, I nursed in public. You are not going to believe what happened. It was quite shocking, really; and it's not the ...more

Choosing Cloth Diapers For My Babies

I have a tendency to throw myself into new endeavors full-force; to go all out, whole hog, and to try to be the very best (or at least, my very best) within the context of each new experience. Motherhood has certainly been no exception. ...more

Body Image on the Playground: The Subtle Messages All Around

The other day, it was finally starting to feel like Spring had sprung. After my husband arrived home from work, we got the kids ready and went out for a walk to a nearby playground, a popular place, now that it's not covered in snow....more

In the Wake of Steubenville

I'm going to be honest. I've had a pretty serious case of feminist fatigue as of late. I've identified as a feminist for two of three decades of my life. In the past 5 years, thanks in large part to taking on a Women's Studies minor in my undergrad work, and in large part to the feminist circles I run in on these here internets, my knowledge and awareness of feminist issues has exploded....more

No Bake Energy Bars

Over the past few months, I have cobbled together a few different "no-bake" bar recipes to find the perfect, easy, delicious energy bar! They take about 10 minutes to whip-up and are stored in the freezer. The longest a batch has lasted me is a couple of months, though I'm sure they'd be fine in the freezer for up to three months. These energy bars are perfect for labor snacks, postpartum snacks, after-school snacks, or any time you need something to grab and eat in a hurry. They are so easy to make that little ones can help, too! ...more