A Look Back on Resolutions

Last year I thought I made some realistic resolutions. Here look, what do you think:Bungee jump in tandem Make out in a movie (I've never done that... neither has Russ) NYC (Green Day Musical) Go camping (sleep in sleeping bags) YogaFit Certified Toobe the River more Schlitterbahn Weigh less at the end of the year Finish New Testament, Start Old Testament Get the dinet set from Canada  So I thought they were realistic. But here's what I accomplished:...more

The No-Reason Blues

I think because there are so many happy things going on this time of year, so many moments of just being happy and enjoyment, that our body tries to balance it out. So... for no good reason, we feel blue. I guess I should say I feel blue.We had the ward party last night and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed getting ready for it, being there, singing and playing guitar, and all that jazz. But I got home last and just felt sad. I guess I shouldn't say for no good reason. I know why....more


My sweet, sweet pals in San Marcos have been wishing and planning for a magical afternoon together. An afternoon where we eat the tastiest of food. Where we talk and talk and talk. An afternoon where we work on those unfinished craft projects from last week, or even from our days in Merry Miss.Well, the dreaming came to an end over the weekend. This glories occasion happened and is now known as Craftfoodernoon....more

The Endearing Conversations with my Husband

C: "When I was a kid I had a cabbage patch doll named Abigail and..."(Russ cuts in)R: "I had three cabbage patch dolls and one was African American. Another was named Blake."---------Later on (as if that isn't classically awesome enough)---------------------C: "I love that you had cabbage patch dolls, it's so grown up of you."R: "Well I did. One, the African American, was an astronaut. The other one was a premie and had special needs. And Blake was just normal."...more