Bryn Mooth

I'm an experienced, energetic and creative (if I do say so) writer/editor... read more

Bryn Mooth


I'm an experienced, energetic and creative (if I do say so) writer/editor focused on inspiring people to eat locally, cook simply and enjoy healthy lifestyles. I write the Midwest-based food blog, which shares recipes and kitchen wisdom and explores regional foods and producers. You can also find me on Twitter @writes4food.

I come from a long line of cooking enthusiasts. My grandmother, Dorothy Mengering, published a cookbook based on recipes from her family, friends and travels (“Home Cooking with Dave’s Mom,” Atria, 1996), and my parents are both accomplished home cooks. My brother is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and has taught at cooking schools in Tuscany and Chicago.

My husband, Rob, and I are avid cooks, wine lovers and advocates for the local food community. We’re weekly customers at Findlay Market, and we shop community farmer’s markets around the area. In season, we enjoy produce from our small vegetable garden.

I recently made the huge leap to devote myself to a second career as a food writer. Previously, I spent 20 years writing about design, business and creativity for HOW magazine, a leading publication for the graphic design field. 

These days, I'm all about inspiring people toward cooking simply using fresh and healthy ingredients. I share easy and delicious recipes for everyday living. I write about food, cooking, design and healthy lifestyles, and I help publications, creative agencies and lifestyle brands tell appetizing stories to their readers and customers.