Just For Today

Just for today….I want to stay in bed, watch Diane Keaton movies, play Angry Bird over and over, and start one of the many books I can never find time to read.  I want to nap when the mood strikes and not have anyone call my name, wonder where I am or shout for toilet paper.Just for today…....more

Here We Go Again...

 You know, life can be cruel.  You spend the last 19 years giving birth to a child, providing endless feedings and then later countless back scratches and lullabies, vaccinations, happy meals, gymnastic, piano, dance and whatever else lessons, because naturally every mom thinks they have a prodigy on their hands. You cheer at every sports game, sit up all night when your child is ill because the flu only strikes long after everyone is asleep.  You break the bank and go on family vacations, even though years later  your child will swear you never took them anywhere....more
you always find the right words.  more

Real Life

Sometimes, real life just gets in the way.  It’s been several weeks since I last wrote on my blog, but in that time I’ve dealt with graduations, job proposals and deadlines, broken bones (not mine), out of town visitors, some bad luck, some good luck, too many soccer tournaments and who knows what else.  It’s really all a blur. The problem I can’t seem to control, and what is clearly frustrating to me these days, is when real life gets in the way of my fun life....more

RIP Common Sense: A Mother's Free Piece of Advice to the Campaign of 2012

What happens when common sense isn’t so common? As I mentioned in a blog months ago, Stop It Right Now, Or I’m Pulling Over, I do not like to discuss politics on this site as the subject matter is just so frustrating.  But I realized that today, as I type this, it is nine months before the next presidential election.  Wow.  This is going to be one bad pregnancy....more

Getting Sick? Think Again.


Sleep. Now There's a Thought. Or Two.

 I find it fascinating that my husband can sink into bed each evening and fall to sleep between the words “good” and “night.”  How I wish it were that easy for me.  Every night, it’s the same routine: I struggle to get comfortable, shift  positions and continually fluff my pillow so much that I’m surprised it doesn’t beg for mercy.  While I toss and turn thinking about what I did that day, what I need to do tomorrow and if there is a clean towel in the bathroom for my morning shower, I marvel that my spouse has safely entered REM....more

The Grocery List. Why Sending My Husband to the Store is a Wasted Experience.

Last week, at three in the morning naturally, the battery in our fire alarm decided to alert us that it was dying.  It wasn’t just the occasional beep that you that you could ignore and fix in the morning, it was a constant unnerving, high pitched shrill that finally ceased once it was beaten to death with a shoe....more

Empty the Tank. Advice to the Child Leaving for College.

Great post, I can relate, my oldest left for college August 22nd and it is so hard to let go, ...more

Spare some change?

It’s the same every August.  My husband finds me in our closet emptying all the loose change out of the purses I have used throughout the year.“Back to school shopping?” he asks.“Yes.  Once again, it’s depleted the budget.  Do me a favor and check underneath the seats in the car.  I’m looking for another ten dollars and then we have the electric paid.”It’s so tiring....more
@victorias_view A magazine rack? Seriously? Okay, that takes the cake. Thank you for your ...more

The. Best. Gift. Ever

At the end of 1995 my husband and I packed up our home and daughters and traded in our California lives for a new life in New Hampshire. So my mother would not miss out on any of our adventures, I would email her daily about my new friends, new house, my daughter’s nursery school and surviving the brisk New England winter with my southern California jacket.   I would write about a variety of subjects: our day trips to Maine, what I burnt for dinner, possible explanations on why my girls weren’t napping and most importantly, when oh when could she fly out and see me?...more
Love this. It brought tears to my eyes! I hate clutter and don't need much of an excuse to ...more