So excited about my first syndicated post going up this week!

So excited about my first syndicated post going up this week! ...more
Congratulations! You should be proud! more

Would it be wrong to serve chocolate for supper? There has got to be a health benefit in there...

Would it be wrong to serve chocolate for supper? There has got to be a health benefit in there... ...more
Husband on business trip, kids out of the house. Chocolate yogurt and red wine is on my dinner ... more

Empty the Tank. Advice to the Child Leaving for College.

Thank you Victoria! more

Blogging + BlogHer?

I'm torn on what to do with blogging here and blogging on my website ( - a.k.a. the blog I sweated and toiled over!). What's the proper protocol: 1) Post here and copy the same content to my blog? 2) Post on my blog and copy an excerpt here with a link back to my blog? 3) Something else? ...more
Thinking the exact same thing. I promote my blog a variety of ways and I just wish people would ... more

On Motherhood and Losing Yourself

Losing a piece of yourself seems to be part of becoming a mother, almost like a rite of passage. The problem is, following a rite of passage people often expect you to be wiser and acknowledge your readiness for your new role. You’re given access to knowledge or tools you didn’t have before....more
I know what you are saying. I sometimes wonder if my children would even recognize the "old" ... more

The Return to School with Two: Do We Coddle the Youngest?

The breeze was cool as I walked my two little men to school. I was in disbelief that the summer was over and they were growing up before my very eyes. My oldest was going in grade four he ran ahead with excitement while my youngest entering grade two had straggled behind with trepidation.I balanced my stride in the middle between two the two attempting to look back and forward at the same time. I admired how tall they grown and how independent they had become over the summer. It was this morning my oldest helped cook the eggs and my youngest tied his sneakers with pride. ...more
I'm sure I did, however, my youngest is my only son and today he is 13. He lets me hug him but ... more

Spare some change?

It’s the same every August.  My husband finds me in our closet emptying all the loose change out of the purses I have used throughout the year.“Back to school shopping?” he asks.“Yes.  Once again, it’s depleted the budget.  Do me a favor and check underneath the seats in the car.  I’m looking for another ten dollars and then we have the electric paid.”It’s so tiring....more
@victorias_view A magazine rack? Seriously? Okay, that takes the cake. Thank you for your ... more

Stone Soup Mondays: Best Blog Posts from September 5th to September 12th

Back again for another installment of Stone Soup Mondays, an open thread that collects the best things you read on the Web and compiles them in one space to extend the lifespan of a great blog post by two weeks. If you missed this series in the past, please click here to read more about the impulse behind the idea. ...more
Okay, if you say we can nominate our own post, I'll jump in! Every year I struggle with ... more

When A Mother Loses A Child

The unimaginable happens. A mother loses a child. This happened just now. To Anna See who blogs at An Inch of Gray. And because we are all so connected, by our stories and our words and our electronics and our RSS feeds and Tweets, the news goes around like an electric shock, touching not only those who knew her, her family, her writing, but also spinning out to so many of those who didn't. ...more
It's just unspeakable. My heart and prayers are with Anna and her family. more

What Can You Tell Your College Freshman Daughter? Here's the Song That Holds All the Answers

She’s officially launched. The girl who writes, laughs, reads, feels deeply and longs for adventure. The girl who has never been away from home for more than three weeks, yet chose a large urban college far, far away from her suburban roots. The bright and talented girl who can drive me to distraction and then be forgiven in a single heartbeat....more
Thank you for sharing. My oldest daughter is starting her second year of college. I wrote a ... more