How Black History Lessons Cripple Our Children

I cringe to think that our ancestors suffered so that we could continually rehash their suffering. Yet, this is what we tell our children : “Once upon a time, sweetie, white people used to beat the hell out of black people. They raped us, starved us and treated us like animals because they felt that was what we were. We were less than human in their eyes. They made fun of our hair and our lips. They thought were had no morals, no intellect. They did everything in their power to make our lives miserable because they were convinced we were inferior. The End....more
@OurGeorgiaRoots I appreciate your comments and understand your point of view. However my ... more

What Warning Signs? Why Family and Friends Often Miss Signs of Suicidal Depression

In the Time Magazine online article, Mary Richardson Kennedy: The Denial of Depression, writer Dominique Browning discusses the reactions of friends and family to the recent suicide of Mary Richardson Kennedy and some of the common misconceptions about suicidal depression. In particular, she focuses on the sense of surprise some people feel when a loved one commits suicide....more
 @dflymusic I'm so sorry for your loss. I think the problem is that the subject of depression ... more

The White Lens: White Reviewers' Reactions to For Colored Girls, Precious

Call it being a tad sensitive because of the recent reviews by non-Black (and male) reviewers who have written about For Colored Girls, the movie that was based on the legendary play by Ntozake Shange, or call it simply being sick and of subjective thinking presented as fact: If y’all don’t agree with me there is something wrong with you. ...more

Let me start by saying I have not seen the film version of "For Colored Girls." That is because ... more