Women who are prescribed medications have every right to expect those medicines have been studied appropriately for them before being approved by the FDA to treat a specific condition or disorder.  We know that women respond differently to a broad range of therapies and we need to learn more about why....more
Bodynsoil It is something we trust is happening. There are serious risks when it doesn't.  ...more

Traveling - Holiday or Not - Incontinence need not be a show stopper!

I love holidays where there’s nothing much to do except relax at home.  But every so often, I love leaving home behind, so I can experience wonderful places and my friends and family around the world.  In fact, anyone who knows me thinks that I’m never home, although that’s not exactly true.  What is true, is that I love the entire adventure, including the part most people dread - the actual travel portion. I really enjoy air flight, appreciate all the technology that keeps us in the air (I still think it’s magical) and the beauty of the skies....more
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A Herd Of Wild Horses — Genetics And Preservation

Earlier this summer my friend (note that I put that first) who is also my ex sister-in-law (at one time we were both married to brothers) spent several days together at the North Carolina coast.   Our relationship goes back over 4 decades.  There were times, as can happen with friends, where we didn’t see or talk for a time due to life, work responsibilities and other things that can get in the way of connecting with people you care about.   Over the years, we traveled to Europe together three times, roller skated in bars locally (at a much, much younger age), volun...more
elaineR.N. Sounds like an excellent plan, dear Amiga! I look forward to counting our years of ...more


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – la la la!  Yes, the Mensch on the Bench is in stock and available for purchase.  This is a big deal, since the only way you could get him before was to pre-order.   And, I want more!...more
HomeRearedChef You already have the Mensch of the year, BOB!!!  However, I do know what you mean ...more

IS THAT A SUMMER COLD OR SOMETHING MORE SERIOUS? Is it viral or bacterial and when to seek treatment.

elaineR.N. Linda Anselmi Yes! Oh, my...Jim Henson. SO very sad.more

How to Get Happy (for Real)

I have been thinking about joy and happiness for a while and how that relates to health.  Yes, HAPPINESS brings health and wellbeing!...more
Willybeach: I am glad we found each other! Somehow when things are difficult and you can still ...more

When I grow up I want to be a nurse; A Celebration of National Nurse's Week 2014!

In celebration of National Nurses Week, I asked several nurse friends why they wanted to get into the profession.  Since I was curious about reasons behind their choices to be a nurse, I thought others might be too....more
SunbonnetSmart.com Just read the Wikipedia bio and she was amazing.  No doubt she had spunk, ...more


On Thursday, March 13, 2014, UNESCO AND THE ALWAYS BRAND launched the first good policy and practice publication on puberty education and menstrual hygiene management.   UNESCO is the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization,  an agency of the United Nations that promotes education and communication and the arts....more
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Yes, I am one of the BlogHer speakers at the 2014 conference and couldn’t be more pleased to join the roster of such an accomplished group (I say very very humbly).  Along with being able to share health-related information, I am incredibly happy there is a mini conference totally focused on health and wellbeing.  ...more
elaineR.N. Lice? Geeze! Maybe a few fleas, but I certainly wouldn't mention a kitty's lice.more

TMI and not in a good way!

This seems to be the era of way too much information sharing.  And, I am guilty of that also.   While I tend to use more discretion with my online presence, in person is a totally different story.  This came to my awareness when I was shopping recently with my daughter.  For those of you with daughters (don’t have a son so can’t compare), you know that they are probably your most honest source of feedback, whether you ask for it or not.   ...more
Cindyhuber SunbonnetSmart.comHee-Hee-Hee, Cindy...my diet plan is to have everyone eat ...more