Celebrate National Bladder Health Awareness Month With a Gift and Learn More About Incontinence

The National Association for Continence has designated November as National Bladder Health Awareness Month.   Creating awareness of this widespread health issue is a great way to get the dialogue going and to help pave the way for discussion with ones health care professional.   After all, bladder health greatly impacts ones wellbeing.   A study conducted by Always Discreet and published in the British Journal of Urology International online June 24,  2014 found that bladder leaks are taking a toll on women globally.  Not exactly the global common gro...more
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Best Travel Essentials for Your Carry-On Bag

I thought today I’d share some of my all-time favorite carry-on travel items. You know – those things that you always have to have on you at all times....more
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How to Celebrate Chanukah: 8 Days of Joyous Gift Giving

Chanukah is one of my most favorite holidays of the year. Why? It is a happy ending story of heroism and cooperation. Also (and I swear this is secondary), it lasts for over a week and includes the traditional eight days of gift-giving....more
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10 Beautiful Sentences From My 10 Favorite Fiction Books of 2014

The "best of" season is in full swing and I can't resist the opportunity to share my opinion. I have written about 2014's Best Books You Might Have Missed and now I'm turning to my favorite fiction of the year. Since I've already gushed about these novels in their respective reviews, I'm highlighting some of my favorite lines in hopes you'll pick these books up if you haven't already.   ...more
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Married Women: Did You Change Your Last Name? What About Your Husband?

Our cultural traditions and practices are often an awkward fit with the way we live now.  With women bringing home a sizeable portion of household income while still bearing all the children and doing most of the raising too, it's no secret that the workplace isn't user-friendly for the family caregiver, nor the adult child caring for an elderly parent. Image Credit: Jamie via Flickr...more
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Started my own blog space!

Happy birthday to me!!  As a gift to myself this year, I had my own blog space created.  Yes, a place that is all mine to do with - or not - as I would like.  As I describe in my first post there, I am very grateful to BlogHer.  BlogHer has been my nurturing friend and my posse of well wishers and supporters.  They accepted me before I would even accept myself as a blogger.  But, I am leaving the boarding house and moving down the road.  This means that I will continue to cross post and read other posts.  However, my home will be separate....more
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The Day My Blog Ruined My Life

Okay, maybe it didn't ruin my life, but my misuse of social media threw me into a terrible controversy at my kids' school. Today's post is about irony. Well, irony and how I messed up my life and the lives of a few others. And how I'm sorry. So very, very sorry. I sit here thinking, analyzing and obsessing about the events that transpired a week ago and set in motion an unbelievable shit storm. As some of you know, I'm a health and development educator for adolescent girls. In fact, I have a whole presentation on cyber-safety and how girls should always be very careful about what they post online. But right now, I'm sitting here, stewing in my own shame. I imagine I'm feeling much like the 15-year-old girl who insisted she knew what she was doing when she texted her boyfriend a boob-shot that went viral. She intended it to be only for his eyes. ...more
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When the Wicked Stepmom Becomes Your Mom

I was two years old when my stepmother Gini burst into my life like a glamorous, marauding Valkyrie set on bending me to her will. She had platinum blond hair worn in an Aqua-Net bouffant, thick black eyeliner, and a figure Jayne Mansfield would've killed for. At night she peeled her false eyelashes off like she was undressing her face....more
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Dear Good Samaritan: You Save Christmas Every Year

Dear Good Samaritan, let me start by introducing myself: My name is Courtney. My husband and I have an 8-year-old son with autism and then some. Our little boy struggles with more labels than a clearance item, I have many chronic illnesses and my husband has more metal in his body than bones. ...more
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Sorry We Woke You, But Your Daughter Threatened Suicide

I'm sorry we had to call you last night. I know it wasn't a call you wanted to get. But my daughter doesn't get frightened, not like that. I've never seen her so scared....more
The fact that your daughter told you is so important.  Glad you were able to contact the girl's ... more