Nina Hartley On Cult Of Gracie (On XXBN)

Wednesday, August 13th at 9 PM (central) Nina Hartley will be on XXBN's Cult of Gracie Radio. You can find out more about Nina Hartley at XXBN's official blog, and at Cult of Gracie. ...more

Working Girls Speak: Shame On You, Diane Sawyer

Tonight, ABC's 20/20 hit the streets looking for hookers & intending to cash in on the salacious sides of sex work ~ with Diane Sawyer as lead pimp, making her paycheck just another one of the profits earned from the poor, down-trodden, girls she herself called exploited. ...more

Show & Tell Adult Meme: End Of The Year Edition

** Note: What follows is adult ~ please ignore if you are offended by frank mature conversations about human sexuality. Thanks :) 1 What was your very favorite post you made this past year? While I seem to enjoy making things 'all about me', and did author this question, in actuality this question makes me nervous... ...more

A Different Kind Of Authority For Sex Bloggers

Mainstream bloggers and adult bloggers have authority issues. Read about it here. ...more

HUGE Discussion on Sex Workers

Bound Not Gagged called for a Live-Blog Response to Melissa Farley's research and writing on sex work. I found out about Monday's event at $pread's blog and while I wish I had known earlier, so I could have participated, reading at BNG is making me feel better about missing it ~ many cool participants and well-done posts! So go read, and add your comments. ...more

I was wondering what people were thinking about that Bob Herbert piece. Thanks for the ...more

Green Meets Mean - Environmental Handbag Mocks Fashionistas

Green Meets Mean - Environmental Handbag Mocks Fashionistas( Anya Hindmarch's "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" (used to tote home groceries, as well as send the message to others to skip the plastic bags) has become the hip way to announce the wor ...more

Bedrooms Are The New Bordellos - Sexy Boudoir Decor

Bedrooms Are The New Bordellos - Sexy Boudoir Decor (GALLERY)( And God Created Woman is a new company creating bedroom decor and accessories for couples. ...more

Dress Your Lover Like A Blow-Up Doll

** The content discussed (and linked) below is of a sexual nature (and very odd). If it's not your thing, then pass on by. Thanks. ...more

What's More Important: Technorati, Alexa, Traffic, Pagerank or?

From my collected emails on the subject of what tools and stats are most vital, comes a set of questions like this: I'm very confused with all the stats and ranking options... I'm not sure I have time to follow all of them. Which one or two are the most important? Isn't traffic, people actually visiting your site, the real bottom line? Sure it's more important to get visitors to your site ~ if they arrive there looking for what you've got. ...more

Call Me!

No, I'm not desperate after what we did last night *wink* Due to the increasing number of emails with 'just a quick question...' I'm implementing phone consulting via Keen. If you're interested, make an appointment and I'll do my best to let you know when I'm available too. ...more