First Expat Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and it will be my first time celebrating it away from my family. I find it bizarre, explaining to all of my students and friends here in France exactly what the tradition is. Yes, it recognizes the history of America. Yes, we can say the first Thanksgiving started when the Native Americans welcomed the Pilgrims to the country. Yes we eat turkey and pie. But really, it takes living from a distance to see how special this holiday is....more

why venice is not just for lovers

As the temperature gets colder and colder here in Verdun, I find myself thinking often of Venice. When arriving in this magical island, I could not keep my jaw from dropping at the fairy tale ambiance in this unique city. I took on a romantic persona, traipsing through the canals of sinking Venice, drinking sprtiz while balancing a skewered olive in front of my lips....more