The Immeasurable Value of Continuity of Care

[Editor's Note: This is an interesting topic and one I don't have a lot of personal experience with. For most of my life I've received healthcare through the military and I rarely saw the same doctor twice in a row. Have you had the same doctor for long? Does your doctor go out of her way to visit you when you're hospitalized or does she leave your care to the hospitalists? - Denise] ...more
Continuity of care is so important. Having a doctor you trust is everything. If you are in the ... more

American Idol Recap: The Top 12 Sing The Year They Were Born

Songs from the year the contestants were born: This should be depressing Last night the show kicked off with a few ways that American Idol is going to help Japan...or more accurately, help its audience help Japan. It was certainly a nice touch to acknowledge that, even though it lasted about 30 seconds. ...more

Love the new judges but do wish Steven Tyler would just say it how it is. How can he possibly ... more

Zumba Anyone? Trying Out a New Exercise Class

I loved Lori's rundown of gym classes because she's a regular person like me -- she prefers books and the computer to lifting weights, but she also knows that she needs exercise, so off to the gym she goes. Personally? I'm leaning towards Bhangara. ...more

I am with Oprah, I hate exercise. But I have found Zumba to be a fun way to break a sweat. No ... more