Are You Allowing Your Children to Form Their Own Online Identity?

Half a Table has an interesting take on her decision not to post pictures of her children on the Internet, and it has nothing to do with online safety and everything to do with allowing another person to shape someone's public identity. ...more
@Victoria Crane I love the idea of allowing my son to have a blog when he's old enough. I ... more

What is Placeblogging?

Due to popular demand we've launched this forum to discuss "Placeblogging" and "Placebloggers". Sharing your personal "Placeblogging" content is also perfectly acceptable. But first, you might want to know what "Placeblogging" is (and yes I'll drop the "" right now.) Lisa wWilliams and the crew of Placeblogger says: A placeblog is an act of sustained attention to a particular place over time It can be done by one person, a defined group of people, or in a way that’s open to community contribution ...more

I am not a placeblogger, though I aspire to incorporate placeblogging into my website. I ... more

Live-blogging the Clinton Global Initiative with Former President Clinton, Angelina and Brad

Here's some of what's happening today at the Clinton Global Initiative ... 10:03 - They've just announced the names of all the heads of state who are here today (52 of them), representing 72 countries. Former President Clinton just came on stage. "More than 600 commitments have been made. 20 mllion tons of greenhouse gases avoided, 3 million more micor-entrepreneurs have accessed capital." ...more

You should take a look at it sounds right up your alley! more

This is how our “mainstream” media treats women?

Check out this video clip of Chris Matthews, host of the MSNBC news network show “Hardball”: ...more

Thank you for sharing this, it is simply amazing to think about the small offenses women have ... more

The Helicopter Circles Facebook and It Isn't Pretty

ABC News reported yesterday that an increasing number of {helicopter} parents were contacting college officials to request roommate changes for their freshman children because they found the prospective roommate's Facebook profile objectionable. And what exactly do they find objectionable? ...more

This has been a very interesting discussion to read as it unfolds, and I have posted a response, ... more

A 20-something Blogger :)

Hi everyone! I have been perusing this site for a little while, but finally registered today! I have found so many great reads on this site - thanks to other 20-somethings out there for blogging about life. It makes me feel somewhat normal :-) Read my blog if you want. Maybe we have something in common! I mostly blog about my quarter-life crisis. I'm also a graphic designer and occasionally post some of my work. I love to talk about art & design! :) ...more

I am a 20 something blogger who has been blogging since... well it seems like the beginning of ... more