5 Fabulous Tech Gifts for Moms

I will never forget the year I tore open a holiday gift with my name on it, only to pull out...a onesie. For my second baby. Or at least I hope it was for her, because there was no way I was fitting in that thing 2 months postpartum....more
well i have the fit bit ultra in plum, i love it and all it has done so far as making me aware ...more

And the 2011 Pantone Color of the Year Is...

I've always liked following the annual Pantone Color of the Year announcement. While it may sound a bit like some sort of hollow publicity-generating event, like the worst-dressed list or whether the groundhog saw his shadow, the truth is Pantone's declaration has great influence on fashion and design for the year....more

I had no idea they did this, but it IS interesting, now that you mention it.more

The Spirit of Giving (Too Much?)

Years ago, I attended a friend's wedding that had lots of elements of questionable taste. One of them: The wedding invitation. Tucked inside was a note reading, "Because we are blessed to have everything we need, in lieu of gifts please make a donation to our favorite charities X or Y. Make the checks payable to us and we will distribute the money evenly." ...more

I can definitely understand that. I once worked at a job where shortly after starting, was ...more

Write a Review that's as Sparkly, Interesting, and Delightful as You Are

How exciting that today there are brands so eager to connect with bloggers, and bloggers so eager to write about brands, that there are a hundred billion review blogs in the US alone! (BlogHer Compass Study, 2010.) (No, not really. But probably close.) ...more
This is a terrific post. Thank you!more

10 Awesome Lunchbox Essentials for Back to School

Shopping for a new lunchbox, for so many families, is that tradition that marks the passing of each new school year. My soon-to-be kindergartener is so ridiculously excited about finding a "big girl lunchbox" that you'd think the thing actually included a lifetime supply of cotton candy. ...more

They have so many amazing new products lately, I wouldn't be surprised if they have a ...more

How to Break up with Your Stylist

Breaking up with B. was easy, I suppose. I simply stopped calling.It was time. After 14 years together, he might have deserved a little more from me; maybe an explanation, a simple "it's not you, it's me." But the truth is, it was him. And I couldn't face him....more

You're right, I hate this sort of immediate loyalty you're supposed to have when a salon pairs ...more

E-mail Bankruptcy: It's Time to Take Drastic Action

I receive so much e-mail it's astounding. Don't we all? I have been thinking of 2010 as The Year of the Inbox. ...more
I have maybe 3 emails in 2 inboxes, because I am ruthless.  I am very careful about signing up ...more

What to Wear When You Go Back to Work: Six Tips for an Office-Ready Look

For many women, the hardest part of a new job is getting dressed. After a whole lot of freelancing and telecommuting and part-timing and generally squeaking by in the professional world with the bare wardrobe necessities, I've recently found myself with a wonderful opportunity that puts me back in an office, full time, every day. And not just any old office, but an office full of Prada-loving, expensive-haircut-having, disposable-income-spending, fashionable peers. ...more
Great ideas and tips. I think we all have an inkling of what is appropriate in the office, but ...more

Grass: Greener. The Truth About the Mommy Wars.

Most afternoons  these days, I race through the delightful Chelsea Market, grabbing a sandwich or a cup of overpriced Hale & Hearty to slurp down at my desk in the four minutes I've got before I'm snatched away to the next EMERGENCY OH MY GOD IT'S AN EMERGENCY at work. ...more

The land of cheese and chocolate? Wow, that sounds like a dream in itself.

It's ...more

CPSIA Update - A Possible Glimmer of Hope for Small Businesses and Crafters Right Before Christmas?

Banning children's books from libraries, trombones from grade school bands, hand-whittled natural wooden trains, and hand-sewn quilts from little old ladies at church fairs: If that all sounds like some sort of Orwellian plot twist, no such luck. These are actual headlines that have appeared in 2009, in response to the CPSIA....more

This crazy law has made 2009 a devastating year for so many. Thank you for bringing it to ...more