rachel in erie, pa! - graphic designer

hello! I'm still a little confused as to how this site works because I can't seem to edit a lot of my profile. I'll get it eventually! I'm 25 years old and live in Erie PA with my husband (a worship director, musician, and video-gamer) and my beautiful cat, Zelda. I am highly involved in my job as an art director, designer at a local advertising agency, as well as freelancing work and helping my church with singing, creative arts, and other visuals. I love to garden, watch tv, eat, and work out. ...more

Glad to see you on here!! :)

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A 20-something Blogger :)

Hi everyone! I have been perusing this site for a little while, but finally registered today! I have found so many great reads on this site - thanks to other 20-somethings out there for blogging about life. It makes me feel somewhat normal :-) Read my blog if you want. Maybe we have something in common! I mostly blog about my quarter-life crisis. I'm also a graphic designer and occasionally post some of my work. I love to talk about art & design! :) ...more

Definitely. Us designers are taking over the world :-) more

20-Something BlogHers on Sex & Relationships

I spied this great BlogHer thread started by Ashley of the light(er) side of growing up, "20-something Bloggers," and I thought I'd crash around the blogs listed and see if I'd find some great sex & relationships posts by 20-somethings. What, are you kidding?  Of course I did! ...more

I'm pretty new to blogging and it was great to find so many interesting blogs to read from other ... more