blessings of welfare

i have thought a long time about writing this post, {a whole year in fact} but always pushed it off for fear of controversy, hateful comments, and/or judgment. then yesterday morning i couldn't go back to sleep cause i kept hearing people's comments over and over in my head and i felt like it was finally time to say something. i don't write this out of pity. or even for political reasons....more

Single Mothers, I Applaud You!

my husband has been sick in bed all day. and it was my very last day of class today {forever} maybe thankfully, my husband doped up on dayquil and i was able to go to my classbut when i came home, my husband crawled back into bed and i was left alone to with the little monster...more
Just joined and saw this...All I have to say as single mom is...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!more

Marry Above Yourself

my dad always says how he married above himself when he married my mom.he always raves about my mom’s talents and strengths and how impressed he is with her. he tells me about the lessons he has learned from my mom and how she has made him a better person just by being her....more