A Penny Saved, a Date Night Lost: Lessons from the Trampoline

"Hello?" "Hi, Liz, it's [parent of sleepover's birthday girl]. So, I'm calling because the kids were playing outside and [Miss Plum] evidently has swallowed a penny." "...she...what?" ...more
this post is so funny. i hope i have that humor when my kid eventually does something stupid too :) more

I'm Sick of Apologizing for My C-section

Did you know that April is Cesarean Awareness month? I didn’t. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. A little over two years ago I had a scheduled C-section. When I found out that my primary method of delivering Els was by C-section I was upset. I cried and felt like a failure. My body in my eyes was failing me and a C-section was the worst thing possible. I was naive and stupid for thinking that way. Now over two years later I blame the media and birth propaganda for making me feel like a failure and taking away some of the excitement of Els’ birth. ...more
yes yes yes. I haven't had a c-section but I don't have anything against it, or other medical ... more

What's Your Favorite BlogHer Book Club Book?

Since we launched the BlogHer Book Club in 2011, we've read and discussed forty-six books. Which was your favorite?...more
I didn't realize the book club was over. I loved being a part of book club and getting the ... more

Considering What Unites Us

While I read Alex George's A Good American I thought a lot about what it means to belong -- to a church, a town, a country, a family. Frederick didn't belong to Jette's social strata, so they had to leave their homeland in order to be together. When they reach America, they do not end up in the town they intended to settle in, but they put down roots there....more
I love this post and your insights! Though I was born here, I have still had lots of moments ... more

The Redemptive Power of Song

We've discussed how music plays a big role in Alex George's A Good American when we talked about how he described Jette's life as an opera. It's more than that the family just liked music, it was woven into the fabric of their lives. It was what they used to learn about themselves and about life. ...more
the song "Carry On" by FUN. is one of my absolute favorites. as well as "Let the Rain" by Sara ... more

Gastronomic Mosaics & Culinary Road Maps

Food quickly becomes important to the story in Alex George's A Good American. Before the Meisenheimers ever open the restaurant, Jette finds herself homesick. She turns to the meals she ate in her homeland for comfort. She didn't have recipes passed down from her mother or even a cookbook to turn to. Through a process of trial and error, she made her way through the food in memories until they existed on her table. ...more
My comfort food is definitely Mexican and Oreos. Not together though. I remember my mom making ... more

Is Your Life an Opera?

In Alex George's A Good American music is important to the lives of the characters and is integral to the plot. Jette and Frederick meet when he serenades her in a park. They find help in New Orleans from someone that Frederick met through music. This same man will come back into their lives and greatly impact their future. Frederick and Jette's sons and grandsons are all singers....more
This is such a great question. And I love your answer about your life still being written. I ... more

Dear Lily on 'How I Met Your Mother' -- Yes, Motherhood Is Hard

Dear Lily, You've been on my mind and my heart since the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother aired. While I acknowledge that you are a fictional character, I have become attached to you and your friends over the years. I have laughed and cried with you for eight seasons now. But the other night, dear Lily, I cried for you. Because -- damn -- motherhood is hard, isn't it?...more
This post absolutely made me cry. (Doesn't help that I was already emotional from watching ... more

The 10 Year Plan

Before I read Kate and David Marshall's My Life Map: A Journal to Help Shape Your Future I would have told you that 10 year plans give me hives. One of the most dreaded questions in a job interview for me was always one about where I saw myself in five years. I still may not be exactly eager to plan out my life in 10 year chunks, but at least I know how that it's possible to do it in a way that doesn't cause me panic....more
Mine is not set either and is constantly changing. What I learned the most is to continue to ... more

Making Play A Priority

I know I've said this but my favorite parts of Kate and David Marshall's My Life Map: A Journal to Help Shape Your Future really were the subject maps. I liked the service map because it made me examine the role charity plays in my life. I liked the learning map because I'm a big nerd....more
I think I have too many things I want to do that it almost becomes work because I'm trying to do ... more