Why Are You Sorry that I Have Three Boys?

As I walked into the bathroom of one of my boys’ favorite restaurants with Baby B tucked away in his baby sling, I received a quick glance and then heard, “Where did you get your sling? I love it!” We proceeded to talk and I, in conversation, mentioned Baby B’s two older brothers. She looked at me and gasped, “You have 3 boys… I’m so sorry!” ...more
I have four boys and yes I get stopped too especially by mothers who have daughters then had a ... more

Waste-Free Solutions to Gift Wrapping

'Tis the season of shopping, eating, drinking, wrapping and decorating, followed by more eating, more shopping, more drinking and some unwrapping. (This will be followed by resolutions, returns and extreme dieting, but hey, that's not until January.)...more
Thanks for including my post! more

Can Sodastream Replace Soda?

Whenever I ask folks if they like their Sodastream, they respond with notable passion: "It has CHANGED MY LIFE." Wow, um, okay. In this post, Jen drills down to numbers and the reality of replacing soda with a homemade version:...more
We love our Soda Stream too and use the glass bottles.  We really cut down on plastic waste ... more

Are Those Toxic Chemicals in My Couch?

You know those moments in the late afternoon when the sun comes into your home at just the right angle and you can see all the dust flying around? Or worse yet, when a guest sits on the couch and in slow motion, a cloud of dust rises, and you hope you’re the only one who noticed....more
I replaced my foam with natural latex when the couches starting to fall apart.  more

Why We Raise Our Own Meat

The more I learned about the way meat animals are raised here in the US, the less I liked it. Upon realizing the way animals are treated - raised in close quarters with tails or beaks cut off, unable to turn around, fed a constant stream of antibiotics and growth hormones, subsisting on diets that they did not evolve to eat - I knew I couldn’t support the industrial meat production system....more
I really admire what you are doing. I couldn't eat animals that I raised. This is one of the ... more

Can Car Seats Be Recycled?

I've been hearing concerns about child car seat disposal, namely, can they be recycled? Car seats are the only piece of kid gear required by law and, in some places, for kids up to age 8, so one child could have two or three different seats before they graduate to standard safety belt. With four million babies born in the U.S. annually, and each requiring three car seats before age eight, Americans buy as many as 12 million seats a year. And even though 90 percent of the materials are recyclable, where does all that metal, foam, fabric and molded plastic end up?...more
I wrote about this issue as well since like Jenn Marie says the seats can expire. One of the ... more

Dear Planet Earth, Are you sad? Or am I just anthropomorphizing again?

Dear Planet Earth, How are you? I am fine. Well, not exactly fine. I stay up late at night blogging. About you. Sometimes with a glass of organic wine. ...more

You always make me smile!   I think humans have done a nice job of destroying each other and ... more

Green cleaning products: Say good-bye to dirt, not your family's health!

Spring is nearly here, and women are blogging and tweeting their fingers off about cleaning.  Spring Cleaning!  Now, I don't know about you, but Spring has never reminded me of anything but the blessed end of winter.  Cleaning is something I do when my husband is too busy to get to it first.  But after a winter of flu that wouldn't quit and a flea season that stretched on and on, I decided it was time to give our apartment a thorough scrubbing. ...more

Don't forget about removing the clutter before you clean!  Otherwise, cleaning will be so ... more

Getting Emotional Over Stem Cells (UPDATED After Claims of an HIV Cure)

Editor's Update: Researchers report an HIV-positive man known as "the Berlin Patient" is believed to be cured of his HIV infection due to a stem-cell transplant he received in 2007. Though the patient's circumstances are unusual, this claim of a medical breakthrough got us thinking a lot about Erin's very heartfelt take on stem cell research from last year. What's your take on the news and the research? Has it changed since last year? ...more


Erin, I wish your father well too.  How many of you have children who suffer ... more

Zero Plastic Packaging Challenge

Have you seen Amy Gate's No Plastic Holiday Challenge?  It warms my heart when other bloggers get on the no-plastic bandwagon. A suggestion I would emphasize is to be aware of packaging and shipping materials!  It's great to choose handmade and eco-friendly gifts, but often even these come packaged in plastic.  And plastic packaging is just the kind of disposable material that is making its way to the North Pacific Gyre.  (Isn't it ironic that a material that lasts forever in the environment is so often made into single-use disposable products?) So what can we do about it? ...more

Beth, I love these ideas.  You know you inspired me to go ribbon only when gift wrapping last ... more