Five Things To Know When You're Diagnosed With Cancer

I have cancer.  It just showed up one day without permission, and set up shop in my left breast.  Then it hit the road via my lymph nodes, which is what cancer tends to do.  Having cancer has been a huge learning experience for me, although I would have been happy to never know about any of it.  I've read books and talked to people, in my efforts to be prepared.  There are some things that I wish I would have known about cancer before I got it, but we all tend to ignore such things when they don't directly involve us.  Until it happens to us....more

Very Aware of Breast Cancer, Not Keen on Pink

Because I have breast cancer, I've become a poster girl for the early detection of breast cancer, as a matter of fact. Take that stuff seriously, ladies!  I found my own lump by self-examination, which I've been doing for years.  Even then, I was skeptical, and waited before I saw my doctor.  I had a clean mammogram in May, I thought.  I'm Stage 2 right now, in October, five months later....more

I Am Not Drug Free

This past week was Red Ribbon week at my son's school.  There were lots of activities at schools all over the country about self-esteem, peer pressure, and drugs. This is supposed to help children make better choices and prevent them from using drugs.  My son came home with a ribbon that proclaimed that he was "Drug Free".  I just smiled and made a fuss over him like I always do.  He's six, so I didn't say what I really thought about his ribbon: I think that the message is outdated, and misses the point. ...more

My Son Is Not Amused

No Feeties, Please

We found these in Target....more
Haha! I saw those same PJs in Target a couple weeks ago and texted a picture to my husband as a ...more


My Ob-Gyn doctor is the kind of doctor who 'tells it like it is'.   I may not like what he says, but I know that it's the plain unvarnished truth.  That is one of the reasons that I've been his patient for more than twenty years.  Since I hit forty(which was just yesterday, mind you), the Doc has been handing me the orders for a mammogram.  The first time, I went right away, and everything came back wonderful.  That was seven years ago.  He kept handing me the orders, and I kept putting that piece of paper in a "safe" place and promptly forgetting all abou...more

Questions to Ask About School Safety

My precious baby is going to an actual school!  There's now so many more things for me, as his mother, to worry about!  Will he like his teacher? Will he stay in his seat?  Is he going to make friends?  Will he remember to put the toilet seat down and wash his hands without me yelling reminders?  Will he eat the sensible lunch I made him or trade it for some gummi bears and crackers?  Is he going to be safe? ...more

The Fifty Phenomenon

Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?  No?  I have.  And so have about fifty of my female friends.  And fifty of their female friends. And so on...  ...more

Is Your Child's School Prepared?

Emergency planning is, unfortunately, not a high priority for most schools. Parents need to know this. Many schools go through the required fire drills, tornado drills, etc. Some schools have fancy flip charts that are immediately put into a teacher's desk and forgotten. There's just not really a budget for emergency planning, and if there is some sort of organized effort in a district, the ball gets dropped when the people pushing for the planning retire or move on. Nobody wants to consider that emergencies might happen....more
First week in school, my daughter's school drills for a large variety of emergency situations ...more


My father wanted a boy when I came along.  That is probably not true, but that's how I've always felt. While I was growing up, he would regularly take me out in the backyard and try to teach me some sort of father-son thing, like baseball(at least until he beaned me) or how to hunt for snakes(check), or fishing(except for the killing and cleaning).  Then my brother came along, and he was actually good at the boy stuff, being a boy and all. ...more