The Badass Mama's Guide to Stress-Free Mornings

OK, so MAYBE the title is a bit of an over-promise. But, if you follow a few of my handy-dandy tips, you can find yourself making it through back-to-school mornings with less yelling, less hair-pulling and even a little more Zen… ...more
I love this list! I'm a work-from-home mom, but I still need help having stress-free mornings. I ...more

I Resent the Changes to My Life Since I've Had Kids

I have a confession to make. I've been watching Oprah again -- and she's making me think about my life. OK, truth be told it didn't all start with Oprah (reflecting on the crazy-town that is my life is the point of this blog, after all). But several poignant moments in last week's Life Class combined with an incredible sermon at church today have brought The BadAssMama to her most startling revelation to date. I often resent the changes I've had to make to my life since I had kids. There. I've said it....more
I spent the first two weeks of my son's life crying in the shower (it was the only free time I ...more