On British Education Secretary, Michael Gove, banning American literature from English exam syllabus

If Michael Gove, Education Secretary, has banned American literature from our children’s exam syllabuses that’s not good....more

No blogger left behind? On MumsNet's new Black and Minority Ethnic categorisation

Did you catch Swazi Rodgers' excellent post for MumsNet?...more

Are wealth and privilege good enough reasons for other mothers to tell Gwyneth Paltrow to sit down and shut the hell up?

Edited highlights: Gwyneth Paltrow, rich actress wiping her arse with money when not falling over nannies wiping her children’s arses with money (allegedly), gives an interview to a celebrity station bemoaning the balancing act of career and motherhood.Cue outrage hovering in the wings…...more

Hello, Grief, I thought you'd pissed off already

There are milestones in the year – birthdays, anniversaries, special times – which were celebrated in life and which are then necessarily commemorated after the death of a loved one.It is these milestones which remind me every year that I am not in control of the grieving process.Being one used to being in control of herself, events and others, this size does not fit well on me....more

Dear parent blogger – the best writing advice you’ll ever get (ever)? Delete your first paragraph

Of course everyone wants to hear about how little Johnny threw up or pooped in the back of the car in his best bib and tucker on the way to Grandma’s for Christmas dinner. And, quel horror, there were no clean clothes to be had to change him into.Cos' no-one has ever written that before....more

The one where my vagina broke

While it is not customary to put footnotes at the head of a post, here we go. Footnote 1 - If you clicked through to this post because you saw the gynaecologically correct term for my Lady Envelope, you need to click away now to avoid disappointment. It’s not that sort of post and no photographs of anyone’s vagina has been posted here....more

Good Hair and Disappointing Black Bloggers

Apparently, to be a proud black woman who is not ‘self-hating on herself’, my hair should be as natural as God made it and remain so until He and I meet to discuss the matter. (Which, frankly, would be preferable to picking over my many sins while on His earth.)So said an interesting dissertation in the HMS HerMelness HQ postbag last week....more
I Don’t hold grudges. Happy people understand that it’s better to forgive and forget than to let ...more

Margaret Thatcher is dead: long live compassion

Margaret Thatcher died this morning following a stroke, her spokesman Lord Bell said.One of my neighbours, who was not divided in her opinion about Margaret Thatcher, and arguably less eloquently, declared ‘Thank God That Bitch Is Dead.”...more

5 Blogging Rules I Broke and My Blog Didn't Break

1. CommentsYou’re not from these ‘ere parts if you don’t already know I don’t have comments on this blog....more

The mad world of blogging awards

With all the winning in the air during blogging awards season, it is ironic how many bloggers can end up feeling terribly lost during this time - with more being lost than won....more