Taking An Overseas Assignment Could Be The Best Thing You Ever Do For Your Career

As a sophomore at the University of Missouri in the early '70s my roommate Janie and I decided we wanted to work in Europe for the summer. We sent away for brochures, waited the requisite six weeks, and when the brochures finally arrived  spent countless  hours pouring over them to learn what kinds of jobs we could have. If I remember correctly, it had a lot to do with living on a farm. ...more

As an HR professional, I wanted to be where business was growing. Setting out to find a job in ... more

Did You Micromanage Someone Today?

I met with a manager this week who is transitioning into a new role (fantastic!!) and is training her replacement. We were discussion the difficulties of handing over her work to the new hire, so just for fun I role-played how delegation usually works: Step 1... DELEGATE: Give them a task. Step 2... PROD: Follow up a few days later and ask "Did you get it done?" (accompanied by a wild finger-jabbing gesture). Step 3... Wake up to the fact that you've just become your worst nightmare: A MICROMANAGER. ...more


What a great synopsis of the TASK-PROD model of micromanagement!

Your alternative ... more