Another Day

The day draws closer and I feel more and more despondent. Yes, I think that is a good word. Despondent. How else should one feel when you have to celebrate Mother's Day and the birthday of your angel baby, all within 3 days of each other? I should be planning a party. Full of balloons and presents and sugary-frosted cake. I should be wrapping up new toys for a toddler boy who giggles and drools. I should be snapping pictures of a toddler boy that makes the diaper-waddle his own....more

Moon Talk

I sat, snuggled beneath my old ratty quilt. It was the eve of the vernal equinox. A bit chilly, but mild enough to warrant sitting outside for at least a few minutes.  The porch swing swayed ever so slightly as I gazed up at the 'supermoon'. In all honesty it didn't look any bigger than any other full moon that I had viewed from this old porch swing. Even still, it did put on quite a show....more

If These Walls Could Talk

They would tell you about  a woman that is struggling to exist. As if just existing is the ultimate goal and not just a passing phase.  The walls would tell you that this woman is valiantly struggling with herself to put forth the effort needed to get up each day and make it through till nightfall, when she might find some respite from the nightmares that haunt her waking hours....more

Something to Hold on to

As I surveyed the rooms, I knew I had a monumental task in front of me.  Boxes and garbage bags as far as the eye could see. Hoarders would have a field day with me and all this crap. Where do I start?...more

8 1/2 years ago I lost my baby when I was 32 weeks along. Life stopped for almost a year before ...more