McDonald’s Wants To Hear From You: Enter the McDonald’s Listening Tour Session Sweepstakes

 You are invited to enter for the chance to attend an exclusive session to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas with the head of McDonald’s USA and the company’sSenior Director of Nutrition Dr. Cindy Goody. Recognized as one of the most influential women in business, Jan Fields has spent her entire career as a working mom. Like you, she wants the best for her kids....more
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Join the McDonald's Family Arches Community

When McDonald’s® first opened its doors in 1955, communities were simpler places. They were made up of doorbells, sidewalks and baseball fields. Back then, neighbors rang for cups of sugar, moms walked by with baby strollers, proud parents mingled and cheered from the bleachers. ...more
I'd love to see healthier drinks like Propel and Sweet Tea without high fructose corn syrup. more