I Let My Children Say "NO!"

I let my kids say "No!" And it takes extra effort. When they say "No!", I have to get to their eye level and discuss with them what it was that was asked of them, why they said "No!" and why I would appreciate them helping me and listening and doing what was asked. And, most times, they cooperate. The effort sometimes is frustrating. It takes extra time. But, there is a reward in it....more
@JourneyofLife I agree! It's a discussion. It's acknowledging them as people, not little ...more

I Am Raising Two Future Foodies

After putting my toddler to bed couple of nights ago, I went and snuggled with my older daughter for a bit.  We don't do this every night but I like to sneak little moments with each child alone so that we can have real conversations.  Like this one....more
Love this post, and couldn't agree more! My son eats EVERYTHING because we always served him ...more

"Warsaw Hearts New York" But Does America Heart Warsaw?

I really have never read an article before and decided to write about it until today.  Actually, the article itself I had no issues with.  It was short, informative, and accurate.  Decent reporting.  I am referring to the article by Fox News (shared by a friend) called Warsaw Hearts New York; Poles Hope for Visa Waiver to Shop Fifth Avenue.   What was called to my attention and which frankly disturbed me was the comments...more

We welcome all visitors to the US and New York. As a driver, I welcome the opportuntity greet ...more

Mushroom Soup or Zupa Pieczarkowa

While there are two basic Mushroom Soups in Polish cooking, I decided to make Zupa Pieczarkowa which is made with button mushrooms typically found in grocery stores instead of wild mushroom soup.  After all, it is not the time of year for wild mushroom picking.  I also wanted to make something simple for Meatless Friday during Lent season.While you might think this soup is a family favorite for us since we are Polish, I have to admit my brother has a...more
@isthisthemiddle Thank you! Your recipe sounds delicious as well :)more

Guest Post on Mummy in Provence

Today, I have the honor of being a guest on a blog, Mummy in Provence.  MiP lives in Southern France with her baby and husband, although her heritage is not French.  She talks about Breastfeeding, Elimination Communication, Baby Led Weaning, living in a foreign country and in general, is very interesting to read and talk to.  Her series, The Global Differences in Baby-Making, has featured fascinating Mummys (or Mamas as I call them)...more

Ze Bloc Blogs

I have been on Twitter and googling for some time, searching for other Mamas online who share in my experiences, history and food preferences.  I was trying to follow the advise I have heard so many times about blogging, you know the term "Find your tribe".  Oh so much easier said than done.A couple of days ago, a conversation between several very talented Mama bloggers and myself led to the Bloc Blogs.  Or more specifically Ze Bloc Blogs.What is Ze Bloc Blogs?  Some of us are Lithuanian, others Russian, Polish, etc.  We all share a special conn...more

I'm sure you will! Give it time. Meanwhile, I'm off to check out your blog. I know several ...more

Fasolka po Bretonsku with Piekny Jas and Memories of Poland

On my last trip to our local ethnic store, I found a bag of Piekny Jas and bought it.  Tthe packet cost me nearly $5 for just 12 oz.  But one glance at the large white plump dried beans and I was reminded of a pleasant memory I hold of my mother's family...I am a teenager, visiting my family in Poland, one household at a time on both my mothers and fathers side.  It is ...more

Spinach in the Polish Style or Szpinak po Polsku

I love cooking with what I have.  Going to the grocery store, seeing what is fresh, on sale, or just appealing to me, and taking it home to make something different.  Something tasty.  And preferably, something traditional.Sometimes, though, I don't know exactly what to do with the produce.  But I have, without exaggeration, 17 cookbooks, 6 of which are in Polish and I am always looking for more.  This time, I looked up Szpinak (pronounced "Sh-pee-nahk" and meaning "Spinach") in my ...more

Poland's Decision to Suspend Compensation Plans for WWII Victims

I should be writing a recipe about Polish Creamed Green Peas and another about raising a bi-lingual child in the USA, but...Right now, there is a controversial decision by the Polish government being discussed around the world.  The decision to suspend compensation plans for real estate seized by Nazi Germany and then by the USSR Communists.If you haven't heard about it, I asked Poland.gov.pl's facebook fan page admi...more