Change the Way You Think

I told my brother I was thinking that it would be nice for boyfriend & I to save up at least $100,000 before we buy a house. It was just a thought. It would be nice not having to pay back ridiculous interest, at least on the $100,000. My brother scoffed & told me that it would be impossible. I think my brother needs to change the way he thinks. To save $100,000, you only need to put away $1000, 100 times. Or, $100, 1000 times. Or, have two incomes, & live on one. Think about it. Many, many families only have one income....more

Life is Too Short

Confession: Although I blog a lot about ways to save money, that doesn't mean I use all of them on a regular basis. Even I eat out at least once a week, & much much more if that counts fast food. I also frequently just don't have the patience to go to different groceries stores to get the best price, & I'd be lying if I said I don't buy some brand name items (Oreos!).The tips I post on my blog are, of course, good ways to save....more

Yes! You'll remember travelling much more than you'll ever remember items. more

Disney: To Watch or Not to Watch

I bet a lot of people will be annoyed by this post upon reading it, but I still need to talk about it because it's been weighing on my mind quite heavily. In English, during my first year of college, I had a rather progressive male teacher. To get us to think outside the box, he brought in a documentary about Disney. The documentary was about the stereotyping & prejiduce that Disney movies have historically portrayed. First of all - something that I am sure most of you have heard of - the lack of diversity in Disney Princesses....more

Just Because I'm Female

It seems as if every time I turn on the T.V, go into a store,or look at a newspaper I am accosted by gender stereotypes. There are the childrens' toy commercials which never show the fathers. There is the carpet cleaning commercials where the women is fretting over her mother in law coming over, god forbid her carpets are "dirty". There's the Bounty paper towel commercial, featuring the mom cleaning up after her messy kids. & that show, where Mom is constantly nagging her husband, chasing after the kids, cleaning, cooking, & lacking a career....more

I don't recall those types of examples in school but I'm sure they were there.

It's good ...more

What Makes a Good Employer?

I find this an interesting topic. I am a HR major in university. I am extremely interested in human rights, employee rights, & everything human resources. Today, a friend & I were talking about our trials & tribulations with various employers. He was telling me about a pretty horrifying interview he had, about women in his trade, about the lack of benefits with some larger companies - which brought me to the thought:What makes a good employer? What makes you want to work for a certain company?...more

Cooking & Money

I love ethnic food probably the most of all types of food, so today, to go along with my cooking challenge, I made Biriyani. With paneer. It's Pakistani & it was delicious, but I was silly & didn't make nearly enough for leftovers. As far as my money saving, I didn't spend any today! I did eat lunch out but my dad paid, so I got to have my cake & eat it too! Do you try to limit the days you eat out? Do you have any money saving goals or cooking goals? Share with me!Also, whats your favorite website for recipes?...more

Cooking Challenge

I love food. I'm not going to lie - I think food is one of the many pleasures in this world. I'd rather be chubby & be able to eat what I want, then be thin & have to count calories. Taste is one of our five senses, & probably my favorite one, depending when you ask me (ask me in the middle of an Indian feast & I'm sure you can guess the answer). The thing is, I am not very good at cooking anything that is out of the ordinary....more

Yes! You're definately right, the hard stuff I usually do on Sundays.. and they usually take a ...more

Money Saving Tip #5: Veg Out

All you vegetarians out there will rejoice with this money saving tip. Remember how my second tip included eating at home?Well, why not go vegetarian for one night?We all know meat is expensive. At the grocery store, around here, we can get a 3 pack of chicken breasts for around $8. That will last for about 1 meal for a normal sized family. With $8 per meal in chicken, if you go meatless 1 time per week, 4*8= $32/month. I know ground beef is a little cheaper, but still more expensive than other, non meat ingredients....more

Money Saving Tip #4: Eat at Home

Hear me out, cause this one saves money in a couple of different ways. Ways that you may not even have thought of before. Even though everyone knows this is a sure way to stretch your dollar. *Drum roll please?*Eat at home. I know, I know. You've heard it before, eating at home is cheaper. Restaurants mark their food up a lot, plus they charge tax, & you have to pay for a tip. But other than that?Cooking heats your home up (well.. okay. If you live in an apartment. Or a small home).I know, how thrifty am I....more

Tip #3: Dashing Through the Malls

Again, perfect for this time of year. Advice that comes a little late though (sorry guys! Next year, maybe). I worked in Retail for years, at various stores - everywhere from clothes to jewelry to shoes. And my Christmas money saving tip for you?Shop early. Earlier than November 15th, if at all possible.Every store that I worked at - big company or small company - did the same thing around Christmas. They either a) marked the popular Christmas gifts up or b) stopped any sales....more