Holiday Spending Up: Are We Blowing Our Budgets?

The news looks good: Holiday spending is up. Way up. 12% from last year, which equals about 22 billion dollars more than we spent in 2009. As Jolie O'Dell of Mashable says, "Recession? What recession?" Of course, all of that means nothing if we're charging all of our gifts and creating another black hole of debt. The better news? We're not. ...more

& I'm SO excited about that. I just can't do the christmas thing, so we're just doing stockings. ... more

Sexual Harassment is Adult Bullying (and It's Alive and Well)

This week I was reminded I was a woman. Not in an empowering, positive way, but in a objectifying, belittling, humiliating way. This week, though, in under an hour, I was reminded that smart, attractive women with ideas aren't always welcome. In fact, we are threatening and must be demoralized so as to prevent any inclination to rise up and do more than stay at home with the kids. ...more

Besides the occasional roll of the eyes by male customers when I worked in the lumber industry, ... more

12 Days of Holiday Cookies, Day 6: Kitchen Parade's Chocolate Ginger Crinkles

For Day 6 of BlogHer's 12 Days of Holiday Cookies, Alanna of Kitchen Parade shares her favorite chocolate ginger crinkle cookies. YUM. ...more

With this 12 days of cookies thing going on, every time I log onto blogher I catch myself trying ... more

The Method: Whittling down the dining out and grocery budgets to get out of debt

Our current method to pay things off is aimed at building good-habits. Which, frankly, is something we could use some work on. We derived The Method last summer and were seeing some good progress with it, but then we bought the Love Nest, and between all those bad fast food meals while we were cleaning and fixing up the place, and moving in, and unpacking, and adjusting to being commuters again, and stocking the pantry…well, I’ve got plenty of excuses as to why we fell out of practice. But at 25% interest, credit card debt demands our immediate and honest--if not painful--attention....more

I like that you give a "fun" amount per week - it's harder to go month to month but when you ... more

Gift Giving? What If I Don't Wanna

For the past few years the idea of getting and giving Christmas gifts haven’t appealed to me.First off, it is no fun getting a gift you know you will either trash, donate or re-gift down the line.Second, I don’t enjoy spending the money I work very hard to earn on someone when I have no idea whether they will actually like or find use for what I give them....more

We're just doing stockings this year. It cuts down on wrapping paper waste, & we only do ... more

It's a recession - let's share our gifts.

Nothing brings me greater joy than regifting.  It is matchmaking at its finest.  To find the perfect present for someone else; why not give it to them?  It shouldn't matter if your boss, friend or relative gave it to you first.  Right? Regifting saves money, the environment, shopping time and declutters your home.  To me it is win, win, win.  Of course there are a few guidelines.  1.  The recycled ...more

I wish I could regift!
I actually did that once with a book - read it before giving it as a ... more

What Every American's New Year's Resolution Should Be

It's almost the end of the year and time for our annual New Year's Resolutions. Some of us will resolve to lose weight, get in shape, get a new job, eat healthier, or even spend more time with the kids. What if I told you that you could do all of these things and more by resolving to do just one thing? Better still, this one thing won't cost you anything. In fact, I guarantee it will save you money!...more

Those are amazing statistics.
I never ever have the TV on when I am alone. I read 10x more ... more

(RANT) Why I Always Take My Husband With Me When Shopping

I called my husband. He called the store. He chewed them out for not being helpful. They were suddenly very helpful and able to waive that two-week window and give me the phone today. In the meantime, we sat in our cold car. The twins and I had to wait for our knight in shining armour to come battle the dragon. I felt impotent. I felt really angry that my kids were observing all of this. I felt sad for everyone who didn't have someone in their life who could come in and save the day. I felt really frustrated that my husband was going to be able to do something I couldn't do. ...more

I agree with you, mostly because I have worked (extensively) in retail & so I know what it's ... more

HGTV's House Hunters makes home buying look so easy...too bad it's not!

I'm an HGTV fan fanatic.  Really!  My husband says that I have the channel on 24/7.  Maybe because I'm slightly obsessed with buying a new home and/or updating our current living arrangements -- or maybe just because the show is kid friendly and I can have it on and not worry about my toddlers hearing or seeing anything that should not.   One of my favorite shows is HGTV's House Hunters.  I love that show.  I mean three houses in a half hour and BOOM, the couple always seems to select the right one and they're all moved in and happy -- all withi...more

I've never been involved in buying a home (yet), but I can see how easy they make it look on ... more

Adventures in Conception

I'm one day late and I'm constantly wondering if every grumble in my tummy is the start of cramps.  Still no early pregnancy symptoms and no PMS.  I sat on the couch last night discussing this evenings party with my husband and comtemplating the glass of wine I've so been craving.  In addition to the usual stress around the holidays, I'm dealing with alot more than usual at work.  So much so that it had me in tears two weeks earlier (I'm not one to show emotion at work).  Normally a nice glass of wine would be my perfered why of winding down after ...more

a) Good luck & what an exciting time in your life!!
b) There is a new study out stating that it ... more