5 Ways to Not Be That Mom

From the PTA to boardrooms, from gyms to grocery stores, we can all relate to these moms. In fact, there is a little bit of each of these women inside of us. The trick is to find ways TO NOT BE THAT MOM. [Note: You can replace the word mom with: co-worker, neighbor, or friend.]...more
So funny, yet made me think...I don't really want to be any of those moms...I sure hope I'm not ... more

Be A Reading Rockstar!

So here I am, ready to brag.  This blog is part baby book, so I have to document all major milestones in my kiddos' development, and this is a big one for me.  Friday night the English teacher within me melted into a pool of literary happiness when my dear, sweet, brilliant son Jax read a book to us cover to cover.  And it's not a board book or one he has memorized.  It's an actual big boy book....more
I love it! We're in the wanting to learn to read stage with my 5 year old. He's actually wanted ... more

Week 1: Explore BlogHer.com and Win a BlogHer ’11 Conference Pass

In September, we introduced you to the new BlogHer.com design. We are thrilled by the enthusiastic feedback we've received. Since then, we've continued to make improvements (with more to come in 2011). We'd love for you to dig in to BlogHer.com and tell us what you think. And since it is the season to give, we also want to offer you a chance to win some great prizes after you've taken a twirl around the site. Each week until the end of the year, we’ll be offering a chance at a fabulous prize for your feedback! ...more

I never saw the old Home page, however, after visiting several other community-type blogging ... more