Memories of Christmas past

As the Holiday's get closer I seem to reminisce about the past Holiday's I've had with my family. Ii's amazing the things that we chose to remember about the past. ...more

My biological mother passed away when I was 7. She died in November and the holidays were ...more

Found the best vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe!

So last night after making a delicious vegan pasta bake I decided to go ahead and try my hand at making some vegan cookies. Let me begin by saying that I am vegan for health reasons, I want to get in better shape and going on a vegan diet always makes me feel better. With that said, all of my friends are meat eaters and even these cookies fooled them (they thought they were the real deal with the butter and eggs). I got this recipe from

Just another ordinary day

It was so nice waking up to an sneak peek at the Christmas episode of Glee (Kurt and Blaine have to get together!). Yes I am a Gleek and I am proud of it! I'm a fan of this show because of the great musical numbers and the actors that have brought these characters to life. A few of my friends on Facebook were discussing how they didn't enjoy the show because it wasn't a true representation of real life, my response, what show is honestly a true representation of real life and why would I want to watch it....more

Unemployed Mid-West Girl w/ Hollywood dreams

So here I am writing a blog something I honestly thought that I would never do. Now I am not saying that it's a bad thing writing things for possibly millions of people to see but it's still weird to me for the time being. Let me begin by saying that I am 24 years old and currently unemployed (have been that way since October 31,2009)....more

Caregiving is a thankless but necessary role. Thank you for caring for your mother. There are ...more