Weight Loss: It's Not About The Twinkies, Stupid

In an unprecedented show of nutritional and scholarly savvy, a forward-thinking professor of nutrition was seeking to prove that limiting calories is the key to weight loss.  And incredibly, his theories have turned out to be correct. ...more

This was a cute and interesting article. It reminds me of my friend who would tell me she was on ... more

Curvy Yoga: a Workout in Just 10 Minutes

I'm a curvy gal, but I love yoga and have found ways to adapt it for my body.  Sometimes when I have a 10 minute window of time at work or at home, I want to move my body and do some yoga.  In these bits of time, I like to have a quick sequence in my back pocket that doesn't require anything -- no mat, no yoga clothes, no props, etc.  I can do this sequence just as easily in an airport as in my yoga space at home (well, maybe not just as easily, but certainly close). ...more

Thanks for sharing this. There is a yoga class at my gym but i have not taken it because it ... more