Bath Salts: Your Guide to Dangerous Designer Drugs

I was watching the television on mute, so all I could see was that someone had become frenzied after using bath salts and resorted to cannibalism. It terrified me -- until I realized that the bath salts being discussed were not the same scented crystals I am fond of scattering into my tub. Bath salts are a powerful new class of drugs and this guide is here to get you acquainted with them and their dangers. ...more
Why would anyone want to ingest these toxic chemicals?  This sounds totally stupid to me. more

Being Different and Standing Out as a Mom

Do you do something -- as a mom -- that makes you different? That makes you stand out from the crowd? That might make you second guess yourself at times? Daffodil Campbell at Adventures in Paradise recently had a moment -- dressed professionally for work while holding her child in a grocery story -- that made her take note of all of the differences in her life. She then launched into a beautiful post about the kind of mother she is and asks you -- what kind of mother are you? ...more
I love this! Doing your best and being honest about it is so refreshing! Everyone is in such a ... more

I Am An 'Unchurched' Christian

If you google the words "unchurched Christian", what you'll find is first, a Barna survey exploring the percentages of individuals who claim to be Christians but don't attend church, and second, quite literally thousands of blogs, articles, "Pastor's Corners", and comments from churched Christians on why *they* think these people no longer attend, why *they* think these people are in the wrong, and the most appalling dis...more
I love your post! I feel exactly this way but never knew how to express it. more

The Eating Disorder Brain Tries to Strike Again

The pool opened last weekend. I thought I was ready to go with my new halter swimdress (shut up) and my sunscreen and my baseball hat. Sure, it had been a long, cold winter accompanied by many, many seasoned wedge fries, but last summer I even bared midriff a few times and felt fine about it. ...more

I can totally relate to all of this. Being 56 I have never been happy with my body - thin or ... more

The Problem with Jack Sparrow: On Pirates, Princesses & Kids' Play

Let's take pirates, for example. Pirates are awesome, right? We love it when little boys - and especially little girls - want to dress up as pirates and engage in play swashbuckling. They're like teeny Jack Sparrows! How adorable! But when we celebrate pirate play - over, say, princess play - what is it, exactly, that we're celebrating? ...more

The whole problem with encouraging little princesses and little pirates is that some children ... more

Grey's Anatomy...The #*@$%^ Musical?!

Look.  I've been a pretty loyal Grey's Anatomy fan since the beginning.   And I'm the first to admit that it's not the show it was in those early days of Meredith and Derek rolling around on the living room floor.  But if Grey and Co. were still on the proper side of the shark pond?   I think it's maybe safe to say that they went ahead and took that epic leap. I'm saying in no uncertain terms here the show has jumped the shark. ...more

I personally thought it was awful. I'm sorry but I can't help it. It made no sense to me and ... more

Breakfast Omelets a la Ken Jennings

Since he lost to Watson, Ken Jennings been on a media tear, culminating today in a Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A in which he talks about his dream TED Talk ("How to Make Love Like a Jeopardy! Champion), writes a limerick about Alex Trebek, and happens to mention his favorite breakfast food. Breakfast and Jeopardy! I'm in Food/Nerd Heaven! ...more

I love cheese and mushroom omelets! They are so yummy. more

What I Wish I Hadn't Done

Let me tell you about the worst weekend of my life. Well, one of the worst weekends of my life. I was still with the Crazy Ex. He had moved back down to LA (without telling me he was going) and was allegedly looking for a job. I had planned to go down there for the weekend to visit and to go to a USC football game. We talked on that Thursday night and got into an argument, the same argument we had been having for weeks. ...more

I did this not once but twice! You have to find out why you allow these guys to do this to you ... more