BlogHerPro Conference, Dec. 2012

Yesterday I attended BlogHerPro in San Francisco. The first keynote speakers, White on Rice Couple, Diane and Todd set the mood for the day for me. One of the concerns I held about blogging was that I would have to follow the path of successful bloggers to be successful and I did not want to do that so I've taken my time to really get started. This couple decided to stay true to what they wanted to present in their blog, after trying to do what didn't make them happy. They did it their way, are successful, prosperous and are helping others. WOW!...more

Bragging about BlogHer 12

I am a little late inputting my comments about BlogHer12 but I suffered a severe asthma attack and blogging was not to be done until now. The founders and staff of BlogHer did a fabulous job and the guest speakers were tops; The President of the United States took time to address the BlogHer attendees, Martha Stewart, Katie Curic, Solidad O'brian were key note speakers. This was really top notch and 5 Star!! Wow! I met many wonderful bloggers from every level of blogging....more